SEF Grants

Matching Grant Recipients

Matching grants are offered by application to collegiate chapters and provinces of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity in support of valuable local programs, such as musical festivals, residencies, symposiums, and the composition of new music by emerging and established American composers. Since 1975 the Sinfonia Educational Foundation has awarded almost $40,000 in matching funds to chapters throughout the country to help these activities. This program has been reformed to a rolling grant program. Chapters and provinces are encouraged to apply as they need funds for their projects.

2006 Recipients
  • Beta Xi, $1,750
    (The Ohio State University)
    • Lois Brock was the driving force of the OSU band department as secretary. She organized major events and kept the students on thier toes. Sadly, Lois lost her fight with breast cancer in January of 2003. The brothers of Phi Mu Alpha, Beta Xi chapter decided at that time to commission a work in memory of Lois. Drawing together $10,000 in funds, including $4,000 from thier own chapter account, they commissioned Dr. David R. Gillingham. The piece "No Shadow of Turning" was premiered in November of 2005 and has since been performed in many venues including the Ohio Music Educators Association Conference in Cleveland. "No Shadow of Turning" will be released in Novemeber of 2006 on the Wind Symphony CD titled "Redline Tango".
  • Omicron Iota, $250
    (University of Wisconsin- Platteville)
    • A young chapter, the brothers of Omicron Iota have commissioned David Ott to compose a new work for choir and brass to celebrate thier 10th anniversary as a chapter. Many alumni have been invited to the event, and the composition has been based off of concepts found in Sinfonia Songs based in Probationary Education for the Chapter.
Past Matching Grant Recipients


  • Beta Delta (Pittsburgh State University), Commission of new work by Hubert Bird, $1,000


  • Upsilon Phi (Truman State University), Jazz Fest, $1,000
  • Delta Tau (Oklahoma State University), Choral Conducting Clinic, $500


  • Gamma Omega (Indiana State University), JazzFest 2003, $500
  • Gamma Theta (University of North Texas), Eugene Corporon 10th Anniversary Commissioning, $900
  • Epsilon Lambda (University of Georgia), Olin Parker Composition Scholarship, $200
  • Gamma Eta (Furman University), Composition Contest, $100
  • Delta Tau (Oklahoma State University), Oklahoma State Jazz Festival, $300


  • Mu Eta (University of Central FL), Commissioning of a new choral work by Dr. David Brunner, $325.00
  • Zeta Sigma (Texas Tech University), Film music symposium, $350
  • Beta Delta (Pittsburg State University), Commissioning of a new choral work to commemorate the reactivation of the Beta Delta Chapter, $325
  • Delta Tau (Oklahoma State University), Commissioning of a new work by Dr. Richard Pryor, $500
  • Province 20 (North Carolina), Commissioning of a new choral work by Daniel Gawthrop to commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001, $400
  • Gamma Omega (Indiana State University), Indiana State University/Phi Mu Alpha Jazzfest 2003, $600


  • Delta Tau (Oklahoma State University), Memorial commissioning for OSU basketball players and staff, $500
  • Beta Omicron (Mansfield University), Commissioning for the Wind Ensemble and Meet the Composer, $500
  • Kappa Psi (Western Illinois University), Furnishing of a new music building, $500


  • Omicron Upsilon (University of Houston) composition contest, $300
  • Iota Pi (West Texas A & M University) jazz festival, $600
  • Gamma Theta (University of North Texas) community philanthropy project, $500
  • Gamma Epsilon (Michigan State University) composers’ competition, $600
  • Lambda Sigma (East Tennessee State University) composers’ competition, $500


  • Alpha Rho (Univ. of North Carolina) commissioning of new work, $1,000
  • Zeta Beta (Augustana College) partial funding of recording studio, $1,000
  • Iota Pi (West Texas A&M) jazz festival, $600


  • Delta Zeta (Oklahoma City University) OCU Honor Ensemble, $250
  • Epsilon Delta (Univ. of South Alabama) commission of new music, $100
  • Mu Theta (Tarleton State University) TSU jazz ensemble competition, $175


  • Gamma Zeta (Lawrence University) Commission for Gamma Zeta's 60th Anniversary, $500
  • Iota (Northwestern) American Music Solo Competition, $500
  • Upsilon Psi (Univ. of South Florida) Contemporary Composer's Convocation, $1,000


  • Zeta Tau (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) "What Birds See": The 1996 IUP Concert Bands, $700
  • Iota Pi (West Texas A&M University) "High School Jazz Festival Contest," $400


  • Alpha Zeta (Penn State University), for "Composition Contest," $600
  • Zeta Tau (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) for "Sketches: A Celebration of American Wind Band Music," $400
  • Epsilon Gamma (Central Missouri State University) for "25th Anniversary Commissioned Piece," $250
  • Gamma Zeta (Lawrence University) "New work for organ in Lawrence Chapel," $250


  • Xi Upsilon (Eastern Illinois University), for Paul Sainer to compose a work, $250
  • Xi Omega (Frostburg State University), for High School Jazz Fest and FSU Jazz Ensemble concert with Louie Bellson, $500
  • Upsilon Phi (NE Missouri State University), Composer in Residence- Dr. Libby Larsen, $1,000
  • Alpha Xi (University of Illinois), Piece for solo trumpet and brass ensemble, $250


  • Zeta Tau (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), for "The Music of Jack Stamp" $500
  • Iota Omicron (Bowling Green State University), for "Composition for Solo Horn and Symphonic Band Project", $250
  • Tau Phi (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), for "25th Anniversary Commission Project." $100
  • Epsilon Gamma (Central Missouri State University), for "Gordon Epperson Project", $200
  • Xi Kappa (Vandercook College of Music), for "Phi Mu Alpha Solo Competition project", $50
  • Beta Alpha (Univ. of Tennessee @ Chattanooga), for "25th Anniversary of Beta Alpha Commission", $100


  • Eta Omicron (University of Cincinnati), Commission Ron Nelson to compose a work for the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the College Conservatory of Music, $600
  • Delta Iota (Western Michigan University), New work for band by Anthony Iannaccone, $400
  • Sigma Psi (University of Tennessee-Martin), Phi Mu Alpha Composition Contest, $100
  • Iota Gamma (University of Iowa), The 1992 New Music Weekend and Composition Contest, $100


  • Mu Delta (Longwood College), Commissioning "Inscriptions" from the poetry of Walt Whitman by Dr. Gordon Ring, $200
  • Alpha Zeta (Penn State University), Commissioning of a jazz composition "Centre Dimensions", $250
  • Zeta Tau (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), for "Meet the Composer", a mini-residency with William Kraft, $500


  • Mu Xi (Stephen F. Austin State University), Commissioning a work for University's A Cappella Choir, $250
  • Eta Phi (University of Southern Mississippi), Children's Music Collection, $500
  • Gamma Rho (Northwestern State University), Commissioning a work for brass ensemble in honor of James Swett, $350


  • Alpha Xi (University of Illinois at Urbana), Symphonic Band Commission from Professor Tom Frederickson, $300
  • Beta Alpha (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival, $500


  • Gamma Zeta (Lawrence University), Commission for the fiftieth anniversary of the chapter $200
  • Xi Tau (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville), Festival of Contemporary American Music, $400
  • Alpha Theta (Miami University), Music Education Outreach Program, $300


  • Delta Iota (Western Michigan University), A work for State Chorus with ensemble accompaniment by Ron Nelson, $500


  • Gamma Alpha (James Madison University), Commissioning a work by Dr. Everett Gates for the Attelage Trio, $200
  • Beta Tau (University of Miami), Silver Anniversary Reunion Concert, $250
  • Mu Eta (University of Central Florida) Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Jazz Day, $250
  • Zeta (University of Missouri), UMC-Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival, $300


  • Alpha Lambda (Illinois Wesleyan University), Evelyn Chapel Composition Competition, $400
  • Beta Omicron (Mansfield University), Contemporary Music Festival, $250
  • Eta Omicron (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music), Trombone Concerto Commission to be composed by Robert Jager, $500


  • Alpha Psi (University of Missouri-Kansas City), High School Jazz Festival Contest, $400
  • Gamma Alpha (James Madison University), Composition Contest for Male Chorus Piece, $200
  • Lambda Sigma (East Tennessee State University), Choral Workshop for Regional High School Choir Students, $350


  • Gamma Rho (Northwestern State University of Louisiana), Fisher Tull Commission for Grand Opening of the Center for the Creative and Performing Arts at Northwestern State University of LA, $500
  • Gamma Epsilon (Michigan State Univ.), Dedication Music for the Opening of the State Center for the Performing Arts, $500
  • Beta Pi (University of the Pacific), Composition Contest for New wind Music, $200
  • Gamma Alpha (James Madison University), Composition Contest, $200
  • Alpha Nu (Eastman School of Music), Phi Mu Alpha 2nd Annual Wind Solo Competition, $75


  • Eta Beta (Pembroke State University) The Commissioning of a New Composition for Men's Choir and Brass Ensemble, $75
  • Lambda Zeta (Limestone College), A Jazz Composition Commissioning of John LaBarbera for the Limestone College High School Jazz Festival, $200
  • Gamma Xi (Morningside College), Gamma Xi Recording Archives, $95
  • Beta Mu (Central Methodist College), Commissioning of a Composition for Band for the 50th Anniversary of the Beta Mu Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, $150


  • Delta Xi (Eastern Michigan University), Composition of Dr. Anthony Iannaccone, $500
  • Iota Epsilon (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Brass/Wind Clinics/Concerts in Public Schools, $250
  • Nu Pi (Central Michigan University), Composition Contest and Clinic, $250
  • Upsilon Phi (Northeast Missouri State University), Phi Mu Alpha's Men's Honor Choir, $250
  • Gamma Xi (Morningside College), Contemporary Music Festival 1980, $200


  • Delta Lambda (Ball State University), requiem for James Lane, $350
  • Rho Chi (State University College), Wind Ensemble Composition Contest, $500


  • St. Louis Professional Chapter (St. Louis, MO), Wind Ensemble Concert, $500
  • Xi Chi (Tennessee Tech University), Phi Mu Alpha--Xi Chi Chapter Composition Contest, $350


  • Delta Iota (Western Michigan University), Chamber Opera Commission, $500
  • Gamma Theta (North Texas State University), Gamma Theta American Music Award in Music History, $75
  • Alpha Phi (University of Kansas), Solo Presentation and Review, $300
  • Washington DC Professional Chapter (Washington DC), Washington DC Sinfonia Performance Competition Concert Series, $200


  • Eta Epsilon (Augustana College), First Annual Composition Contest, $30
  • Alpha Delta (Iowa State University), Music Department Harpsichord Project, $450
  • Epsilon Phi (Capital University), Theater Piece Festival, $450


    • Delta Iota (Western Michigan University), Choral Commission, $250
    • Pi Tau (Oklahoma Baptist University), Phi Mu Alpha Student Composer Contest, $150
    • Iota Pi (West Texas State University), Bicentennial Composition, $300