During the 2003 National Convention, legislation was passed that made reference to the future availability of upgraded membership pins, which would be manufactured by Burr, Patterson, & Auld. The basic initiation package (which includes the standard jeweled pin) remains $117, but two optional upgrade packages, expected to add an optional $63 or $83 to the basic package cost, would be available for members who wanted these ultra-high quality pins, both of which would include real pearls and one of which would be made of 10K gold.

Originally expected for availability at the start of the Spring 2004 semester, the production of these upgrade pins has been delayed as the Lyrecrest Staff continues to work with Burr, Patterson, & Auld representatives to refine and perfect the die that will be used to make the pins. The new die, when completed, is expected to match closely the original specifications of the pins manufactured by Balfour and worn by early members of the Fraternity.

A new date of completion is not known, but expectations are that the basic $117 initiation package will continue to be the only option available throughout the Spring 2004 term. As soon as the new pins are available, notification will be posted in Sinfonia News format.

This delay has caused the initiation form on the Sinfonia Resource Disc (SRD) 2004 to be incorrect. The document entitled “Initiation Report Form-SPRING 2004 ONLY” is no longer accurate for use during the Spring 2004 term. Please go to the Reporting section of www.lyrecrest.net for an updated Spring 2004 initiation report form.

The Spring 2004 version of the National Examination, which was held for release pending information on the expected date of availability of the upgrade pins, is now available for download in the Resources section of www.lyrecrest.net.