The Fraternity is testing an exciting new program called AlcoholEdu for the 2004-2005 school year. This program is extremely popular with both college/fraternity administrators and college students because of its innovative and interactive style, resulting in customized information for students without the opinionated tone of some other alcohol awareness courses. You can read more about AlcoholEdu below and online at

We are actively seeking 3-4 chapters to volunteer to participate in this program – here are the details!

1) Each member of the chapter logs into the AlcoholEdu website, where he will be led through an individualized education program, approximately 4.5 hours in length. Each individual is free to take the program whenever he chooses, and it can be split up into multiple sessions, stopping and starting as needed. The goal here is education, not information gathering, so all of the information entered by students remains completely anonymous to the Fraternity.

2) Each probationary member during the Fall 2004 semester would also complete the program, as well as any probationary members in the Spring 2005 semester.

3) In order to volunteer, a chapter must have discussed the matter in a chapter meeting and have agreed to the following terms: – As close to 100% as possible of the chapter’s current membership will complete the course during the Fall 2004 semester. Again, the course can be stopped and restarted multiple times, so there is no need for a brother to have to sit and take the whole thing at once. – All probationary members during both the Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 terms must be required by the chapter to complete the course. – To volunteer, contact Jeremy Evans, Director of Programs and Services, at or 1-800-473-2649, ext. 26.

There’s no catch — no risk of “getting in trouble,” no fees or hidden costs. The Fraternity is bearing the entire financial burden of this trial program in the hopes that it will assist the members of the chapters that volunteer with one of today’s biggest public health threats: high-risk drinking.

Even if you’ve never thought that you needed any education about alcohol, discuss volunteering for this opportunity with your chapter. If you have any questions, or to volunteer your chapter to participate, please contact Jeremy Evans, Director of Programs and Services, at or 1-800-473-2649, ext. 26.

*** About AlcoholEdu (from the website of parent company Outside the Classroom —

AlcoholEdu, currently in use at hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide, works to change individual behavior as well as the culture of drinking on campus. It takes a scientific approach to teaching about alcohol and its effects on the body. The course is completely online and includes a pre-test, streaming audio-video lectures, interactive case studies, question-and-answer segments, surveys, and a final exam. The online format for the first time enables administrators to deliver alcohol education to the entire student body easily and cost effectively, the key to changing the campus drinking culture.