Fraternal Greetings from Lyrecrest! I am writing today to inform you of a new award the Fraternity will be debuting this year.

The Volunteer of the Year award is awarded to any Sinfonian who has significantly contributed to the betterment of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia through volunteer work on the chapter, province, or national level. Current National Executive Committee members are not eligible to receive this award. This award is not intended to recognize superlative performance in a chapter office (with the exception of Faculty Advisor).

Nominations may be submitted for Sinfonians in each of these three categories: Faculty Advisor, Province Governor, and Other Volunteers. One brother from each of these groups will receive the award each year.

HOW TO NOMINATE: Members may nominate candidates by completing the application and forwarding it to the National Headquarters. The National President will consider nominations and have his selections ratified by the National Executive Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting. You can acquire a copy of the nomination form at:
Please note that the deadline for nominations for this new award is April 1, 2006. As always, contact me at the National Headquarters with any questions.