Chapters, alumni associations and provinces can now request customized graphics of the Fraternity’s new visual identity and related images. These graphics were made available recently on the Fraternity’s website, and a large number of chapters have already submitted their requests.

The three types of graphics available are shown below, and each is also available in its black-and-white version.

To request graphics customized to your chapter:

  1. Discuss with the entire chapter at your next meeting which graphics you want and which file formats you need (EPS files and high-res and low-res JPEG files are available).
  2. Decide which one individual member of your chapter will submit the request online. Remember that someone from your chapter may have already requested the graphics!
  3. Go to to submit your online request.

Please note that a huge wave of demand is anticipated. Because these files must be generated manually, it will take up to a month to receive them!