A revised version of the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policies has been published. These policies replace previous versions of the document, effective immediately. 

The revised policies were developed through extensive work by the Fraternity’s Risk Management Committee and then sent before the National Executive Committee for review and adoption. The Fraternity distributed the revised policies to all chapters in a recent mailing, and they are now available for download on the Fraternity’s website

Policies in the document include those covering:

  • hazing;
  • alcohol, controlled substances and illegal drugs;
  • sexual misconduct;
  • sweethearts and little sisters; and
  • protocol for alleged violations of the risk management policies.

Revisions include significant alterations to the policies and procedures regarding alcohol, as well as added specificity regarding hazing. The policy on chapter houses, which was previously contained in the Risk Management Policies document, is still in force, though it no longer appears as part of this collection of policies. 

The following text appears as an introduction to the revised Risk Management Policies:

“The development and implementation of an effective risk management program is the responsibility of each member of the Fraternity. We all have the responsibility to protect our members from harm and ensure the good public reputation of our Fraternity. For the continued enjoyment of Fraternity life by future generations, it is imperative that today we faithfully observe and enforce our Risk Management Policies.”

Any questions may be directed to Jeremy M. Evans, director of collegiate affairs, at (800) 473-2649, ext. 102, or by email at evans@sinfonia.org.