Executive Director Ryan Ripperton announced today that the National Headquarters staff structure has been reorganized. The restructuring is intended to streamline reporting relationships and maintain administrative efficiency. 

The most prominent change in the structure is the promotion of Jeremy Evans, Delta Nu (Bradley) ’98, to the new position of Assistant Executive Director. In this position, Evans will assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Fraternity’s administrative functions at the National Headquarters. He will continue to work closely with the collegiate chapters and province officers, but will take on an increased role in the management of the programs and services offered to all Fraternity members. 

“Jeremy will bring a new level of professionalism and success to the headquarters operations,” said Ripperton. “In his four years on the national staff, he has made tremendous contributions to the success of the Fraternity, and I have no doubt that he will perform with excellence in this new position.” 

Evans will be assisted in these functions by the expansion of the position to be known as Retreat Coordinator and Programs Associate. Currently held by Matthew Downing, Beta Lambda (Muskingum) ’04, this position will continue to turnover annually, but will have a greatly expanded role in the National Headquarters operation. The new position will fulfill all of the current position’s weekend duties of Retreat Coordinator, but will also work weekdays to provide advice and support to chapters. 

Unfortunately, the restructuring does not come without sad news, as well. As a result of the restructured responsibilities of the above and other positions, two positions are being eliminated from the staff structure—Administrative Coordinator and Collegiate Affairs Assistant. As a result, Cheri Faith Spicer and Becky Kamp have both been laid off from their positions. Spicer has been with the Fraternity for six-and-a-half years, and Kamp for three. Both will be sorely missed.

Additional changes to volunteer support operations, such as travel arrangements for committee meetings and PGs’/CPRs’ Council events, will change as a result of this restructuring. In the coming week, Ripperton will be contacting affected groups and individuals to advise of new procedures. 

For an illustration of the revised structure of national staff reporting relationships, please click here.