Matthew Downing, Beta Lambda (Muskingum) ’04, has been rehired as retreat coordinator and programs associate for the upcoming academic year. Jennifer Zahn has been hired as the new administrative assistant. These two hires complete the restructuring of the national staff, announced in Sinfonia News on May 4

Matthew Downing is a May 2006 graduate of Muskingum College. He became a Sinfonian on April 24, 2004. As a member of the Beta Lambda Chapter, he has served as music director, social committee member, Greek council representative, and president. He is a member of several honorary fraternities, as well as ANGLE (Advocating the Nurture and Growth of Learners of English), an organization he helped to found at Muskingum College. 

In his 2006-07 term as Retreat Coordinator, Downing has done much to improve the preparation for and quality of Lyrecrest Chapter Retreats. He has also taken on supplementary duties in the creation of new educational programs currently in development. Ryan T. Ripperton, executive director, noted, “Matt’s service to the retreat program and to the Fraternity have shown immeasurable results. We know he’ll continue that high level of quality work as his position continues to expand and grow.” 

Following the May 2007 restructuring of the national staff, this position’s duties were greatly expanded and the position title changed to “Retreat Coordinator and Programs Associate.” The new position continues administration of the Lyrecrest reteat program, but also takes on an expanded role in collegiate programs, operations and support. The position remains a one-year position on the National Staff, and Matt will continue in this role until July 31, 2008. The limitation of tenure in the position is intended to provide consistently fresh perspective and experience to this vital and influential program. 

Are you interested in serving the Fraternity in this role for the 2008-2009 academic year? If so, contact Jeremy Evans, assistant executive director, at

Jennifer Zahn has been hired as administrative assistant at the National Headquarters. In her role as administrative assistant, Jennifer will perform various administrative functions in the operation of the National Headquarters, including phone and guest reception, mail routing, and collaboration with Jeremy Evans, assistant executive director, in the support of members and chapters. 

Jennifer is a 2006 graduate of Indiana State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Music with a concentration in Music Business Administration. Jennifer lives in Evansville with her husband.