Derek DanilsonBeta Nu (Northern Iowa) ’91, has been elected President of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation (SEF) by the SEF’s Board of Trustees. He will serve in this position through May 31, 2008, at which time new elections will be conducted for a two-year term.

The President of the SEF is charged with maintaining the focus and direction of the Foundation, motivating its Board members and managing its staff member, the director of development. Most recently, Danilson has served the SEF as chairman of its governance committee, which is charged with recruiting and evaluating Board members for the SEF.

Danilson said, “Increased alumni support will help enable the Fraternity to provide an enhanced experience for its collegiate members. The SEF is a key ingredient needed to make that happen, and I am honored to have been selected to lead the organization at this critical time.”

Danilson was elected President to succeed Jeffrey T. SpoeriNu Sigma (William & Mary) ’84, who recently decided to move on from the position after over three years of service. Spoeri served on the Board for over four years and has served the Fraternity in a plethora of staff and volunteer leadership positions for over 20 years. This week, Spoeri appears on Jeopardy! for its Tournament of Champions following his five-episode winning streak in November 2006, from which he generously donated 10% of his winnings to support the SEF. Jeff’s service to the Foundation and the Fraternity is sincerely appreciated by the Board of Trustees and all those who have benefited from the Foundation’s programs under his leadership.

Danilson has served the Fraternity as a province governor, member of several national committees and most recently Committeeman-At-Large on the National Executive Committee since 2003. In order to be eligible to serve as President of the SEF, Danilson had to resign his position on the Fraternity’s NEC, effective immediately. For more information regarding the vacancy created by Danilson’s resignation from the NEC, click here.

The Sinfonia Educational Foundation was founded in 1954 and has recently undergone a significant strategic redirection, now focusing its programs directly on the Fraternity and its members. Among its top initiatives at this time is the securing of funding for the Fraternity’s national philanthropy, the Mills Music Mission (MMM). The Foundation’s Board is working with the Fraternity�s staff to enhance the MMM program through the addition of educational and experiential elements.

In the recent release of the Fraternity’s new 2007-2012 strategic plan, the Fraternity’s National Executive Committee highlighted the importance of the Foundation’s role in the Fraternity’s advancement:

“One of the primary support vehicles that will enable the enrichment of collegiate programs is financial support. This is most effectively achieved through the existence of, and alumni Sinfonians sustaining support for, the Foundation. Without it, the Fraternity’s funding is limited primarily to collegiate dues. Therefore, the Fraternity ultimately views its future growth and success as critically linked to the success of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation.”

Have you committed your support to the SEF this year? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 by signing up for recurring monthly donations online.