Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is very excited to announce the online release of a new recruitment video, Sinfonia: The Journey Begins, written, directed and produced by Chris FolkensAlpha Xi (Illinois) ’01. The video is the product of eighteen months of hard work by Brother Folkens, who volunteered his time and talent in the creation of this video. Sinfonia owes a debt of gratitude to Brother Folkens for his contribution.

Brother Folkens wanted to create something truly unique for Sinfonia that would convey the sense of inspiration and awe shared by all Sinfonians. He said, “It needed to show a glimpse of not only what this Fraternity is on the surface, but indeed what the experience of becoming and living as a Sinfonian is all about. I wanted this video to capture the emotion, the essence of what I felt and still feel toward this Fraternity and toward the brothers I have grown close to and can easily call the best friends I have ever known.”

He asked that before you view the video, “you take a minute to clear your head and go into it with an open mind.” If you do, he promises, you’ll find something that “resonates in your heart.”

The video features original music produced for the work, and the men appearing in the video are, of course, all Sinfonians. The voice-over is performed by Pete Stacker, the acclaimed voice-over actor who you may recognize as the voice of Comedy Central, Country Music Television, the Oprah Winfrey Show, or from his best known work as the voice of the popular “Real Men of Genius” campaign for a major beverage label.

DVD copies of Sinfonia: The Journey Begins will be available for purchase starting this summer in the online Sinfonia Store, and will be shipped in time for use in fall recruitment. The DVD will have options for playback in stereo or 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.