On the weekend of October 3-5, 2008, the National Executive Committee met at the National Headquarters for its semi-annual meeting. In accordance with a new policy, a Sinfonia News announcement will now be issued following each meeting at which relevant policy matters are decided in order to communicate matters pertinent to the fraternal experience of members. This is the first such announcement. 

Here’s what you need to know from the October 3-5, 2008, NEC meeting:

    1. Editorial Change to National Constitution: The NEC approved the recommendation of the Legislative Committee to affect an editorial amendment to the National Constitution, Article II (Membership), Section 3 (Right to Confer Membership), by striking and/or and inserting and. The amended language reads: “The right to confer collegiate membership shall reside exclusively with the collegiate chapters, the National Assembly, and the National Executive Committee.” Get the updated version of the National Constitution at http://www.sinfonia.org/Resources/constitution.pdf.


    1. Changes to Policy on Alcohol…: The NEC adopted amendments to the Policy on Alcohol/Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances covering the following issues:
      1. Two new examples of unacceptable behavior have been added: (1) a prohibition on chapters throwing open parties where alcohol is present, and (2) a prohibition on members participation in drinking games.
      2. The prohibition on members providing alcohol to underage persons has been clarified to state that it is the providing of alcohol to underage members (probationary, collegiate or alumni) that is prohibited, rather than to just any underage person.

      Get the updated version of the Policy on Alcohol/Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances (as part of the collected Risk Management Policies) at http://www.sinfonia.org/Resources/riskmanagementpolicies.pdf.


    1. Changes to Reimbursement Policy for Volunteers: The NEC adopted many amendments to the Policy on Reimbursement of Business Expenses which have significant effect on the Fraternity’s corps of volunteers. A separate memo has been e-mailed to the volunteers explaining all the amendments. The most substantive of the amendments was the expansion of the Fraternity’s insurance coverage to provide primary automobile liability coverage to volunteers who use their personal vehicles to travel on behalf of the Fraternity. Get the updated version of the Policy on Reimbursement of Business Expenses at http://www.sinfonia.org/Resources/ReimbursementPolicy.pdf and the updated reimbursement request form at http://www.sinfonia.org/Resources/Forms/ReimbursementForm.pdf.


    1. Attendance Limits on NHQ Events: The NEC endorsed the new National Headquarters operating policy of limiting attendance at National Headquarters events to the following maximums: 35 for chapter/province retreats, 45 for events hosted by the Fraternity (such as Work Weekend and Ritual Education Workshop), and 65 for Convocations (CPR, PG, PAC).


  1. Archives Access at NHQ: The NEC adopted a policy regarding access to the historical archives at the National Headquarters. Due to the demand on staff time when visitors visit for purposes of extensive reviews of preserved historical archives, 4-week advance notice is required and various preservation procedures are now required. This does not in any way affect drop-in visitors to the National Headquarters or tours of archives on display; this policy affects only those archives which have been historically preserved and are stored in locked safes in the archives.