BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce Dr. Frank Ticheli, this Convention’s national honorary membership selection, will be a special guest conductor of Sinfonia Winds for one of his compositions. 


Spaces are still available in all three music ensembles for this summer’s National Convention. All brothers are encouraged to consider applying before the new application deadline of April 8.

These ensembles will be high-quality musical experiences, but participants do not have to be world-class performers to be selected. Good section performers are also needed.

All three ensembles are open to both collegiate and alumni members.

The following spaces are still available:

Men�s Chorus:
TENOR I: 11 spots + 3 alternates
TENOR II: 10 spots + 3 alternates
BARITONE: 7 spots + 3 alternates
BASS: 11 spots + 3 alternates
Jazz Band:
ALTO SAX: 2 alternates
TENOR SAX: 2 alternates
BARI SAX: 1 alternate
TRUMPET: 2 vacancies + 2 alternates
TROMBONE: 1 tenor trombone vacancy, 1 bass trombone vacancy + 2 alternates
GUITAR: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
PIANO: 1 alternate
BASS: 1 alternate
DRUMS: 1 alternate
Wind Ensemble:
FLUTE: 3 vacancies + 2 alternates
OBOE/ENGLISH HORN: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
BASSOON: 1 alternate needed
CONTRABASS BASSOON: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
Eb CLARINET: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
Bb CLARINET: 9 vacancies + 4 alternates
BASS CLARINET: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
BARI SAX: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate
Bb TRUMPET: 1 vacancy + 3 alternates
F HORN: 3 vacancies + 2 alternates
EUPHONIUM: 1 alternate
TUBA: Full
PERCUSSION: 7 vacancies + 2 alternates
STRING BASS: 1 alternate
PIANO: 1 vacancy + 1 alternate

For the men’s chorus and wind ensemble, there is no recorded audition applicants must simply complete the online application form and have a blind recommendation form submitted by an individual who would be familiar with the applicant’s performance ability.

For the jazz band, in addition to the online application and blind recommendation, there is a recorded audition requirement, but the recording quality does not have to professional.

Applications are not limited only to collegians; alumni are welcome to apply. Applicants may apply for more than one ensemble, though they will only be selected for one. All applicants are encouraged to indicate secondary instruments/vocal parts in order to increase the likelihood of their placement in the ensembles.

TO APPLY: Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8, 2009! For complete information on the application process, please see the Convention website