The National Executive Committee has adopted a Statement of Position on Probate Shows. This is a new document that (1) explains the Fraternity’s ongoing support for the practice of probate shows on campuses where they traditionally occur and (2) sets forth policy guidance to ensure that no violations of the Risk Management Policies occur in the preparation for the shows.

This document is the result of almost two years of collaborative work between the National Executive Committee and leaders from chapters at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Probate shows are a tradition that originated in historically Black fraternities and sororities and are an integral part of student life on the campuses of historically Black colleges and universities.

The Statement of Position on Probate Shows will be published in the collected Risk Management Policies in the next revision of that document, due out in November 2009. Because the statement merely clarifies the interpretation and enforcement of the existing Policy on Hazing, the directives contained within the Statement of Position on Probate Shows are in effect immediately. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of all chapters to ensure that their activities are in accordance with Fraternity policies at all times.

Chapters who engage in the tradition of probate shows are instructed to consult this document immediately and open a dialogue with their province governor regarding any alterations which need to be made to their programs. The next submission deadline for province governor approval of chapters’ probationary membership programs is June 1, 2010, so chapters and province governors are well served to work together in the intervening months to ensure that the probate show practices of the chapter are in accordance with these directives and that they are documented thoroughly.