Ryan T. Ripperton, Alpha Rho (North Carolina) ’95, announced earlier today his departure from the position of executive director of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Ripperton has served the Fraternity as executive director for over seven years, and as a member of the National Headquarters staff for more than a decade. 

“I feel lucky to have served the Fraternity during the most exciting and significant decade since the earliest days of our beloved Sinfonia,” said Ripperton in his departure announcement. “As I reflect on my experiences with the Fraternity, I am humbled by the many wonderful relationships with which I have been blessed, the many challenges we’ve faced, and the valuable lessons learned along the way. I will always consider this opportunity not just as a highlight of my career, but as a highlight of my life.” 

Ripperton has accepted a position in Richmond, Virginia, as executive director of the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community (SPARC). He and his family will be relocating there in the coming months. Ripperton will be available to help the Fraternity’s National Executive Committee as needed throughout the transition. 

Brother Ripperton’s dedication to the vision of our Fraternity’s founders and to Sinfonia’s Object and Ritual have facilitated the restoration of Sinfonia’s mission and identity since his first day on the national staff. During his tenure at the National Headquarters, he has also advanced the Fraternity’s operational and financial practices, increased the quality of the Fraternity’s communications, and heavily influenced several successful Fraternity programs, including the colony program and the retreat program. Brother Ripperton’s departure has been accepted with great appreciation for his service to Sinfonia over the last decade. 

Personal communications may be sent to his ripperton@sinfonia.org address for the coming weeks. 

The position will be open to members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia who are in good standing. For more information, e-mail National President John Alan Mongiovi at president@sinfonia.org.