On Tuesday, February 15, Debra Celuch, executive assistant, announced her departure from the national staff. Her resignation will take effect Friday, March 4. 

Debra has worked at the national headquarters twice; first, as office assistant in 2001, and in this current term of employment as executive assistant since February 28, 2005. 

Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Evans remarked, “Debra will be missed among the national staff. For more than six years, her professionalism and positive demeanor in the face of any circumstance has served to be a valuable asset to the Fraternity, and her years of service meet with our sincere appreciation.” 

The newly-vacant executive assistant position will not be re-filled; instead, Evans announced the creation of a new administrative assistant position on the national staff. Applications for this new position will be accepted through Monday, March 7. Individuals interested in applying for the new position should visit www.sinfonia.org/employment.asp. 

Members wishing to send congratulatory or farewell messages to Debra can reach her through March 4 at celuch@sinfonia.org.