In the 2009-2012 triennium, the National Executive Committee wanted to provide more opportunities for brothers to reconnect and celebrate with Sinfonia throughout their lives. For collegiate members, interaction with alumni helps to create the expectation of ongoing alumni engagement. At the 2012 National Convention, the Fraternity announced membership awards that recognize Sinfonians who have passed the 10-, 25-, and 50-year anniversaries of their initiation. Over one hundred brothers received the awards in the inaugural presentation at the National Convention.

The Membership Awards are circular lapel pins bearing various symbols of the Fraternity in black on a gold background. The 10- year pin features the Mystic Cat; the 25-year pin features the point-down triangle with the letters Phi Mu and Alpha, and the 50-year pin is a replica of the original membership pin.

Any Sinfonian who has reached the 10, 25, or 50 year anniversary of his initiation date may receive the 10, 25, or 50 year Membership Award from his initiating chapter, an alumni association serving the region in which he resides, or at another chapter, alumni association, or province meeting selected by the Province Governor. An alumnus who has not received his award in his chapter, alumni association or province may receive it at a national event like this when the ceremony is being presented.

The awards must be presented with the ceremony, which is included in the Guide to Ceremonies. It is intended that Membership Awards will be presented at a regular or special meeting of a chapter, alumni association or Province. If, because of the infirmities of age or otherwise, an aged recipient cannot attend such an event, the presentation may be made at his home or elsewhere in the presence of his family and friends. Regulations for how chapters and alumni associations may present the award are available in the Guide to Awards.

This program will achieve its ideal intent if chapters and alumni associations establish an annual event that honors alumni and includes these ceremonies in its celebration, whatever form that takes.

The membership awards will be distributed through chapters. Pins will be available to chapters for free twice a year (to be mailed with late fall and late spring care packages), and will be available for purchase by chapters year-round.

Brothers wishing to receive a pin commemorating their experience in the Fraternity should do so by first contacting their local chapter or alumni association. Officers wishing to request membership award pins can do so using a new form available inside the Officer Resources section of MySinfonia. A ceremony for the presentation of the awards is available in the newly revised Guide to Ceremonies; a copy of the new Guide to Ceremonies will be mailed to each chapter in November. Chapters can also get a new copy of the guide through the Sinfonia Store.