Brother Christopher A. Patterson, Kappa Sigma (Valparaiso) 2010, was killed in action on January 6, 2012, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. His sacrifice, like so many others, is one of the truest examples of the kind of brotherly love that Sinfonia stands for.

Before his death, Brother Patterson had been working on an idea for Sinfonian Challenge Coins. Challenge coins are familiar to many in military service and serve as a sort of calling card for various organizations and paths of service. These coins would be available to all Sinfonians who were veterans of the armed forces.

Phi Mu Alpha is proud to make these available, as a way of honoring our veterans in a uniquely Sinfonian way. We would like to extend special thanks to the parents of Brother Patterson. They took Christopher’s vision and made it a reality, and are responsible for the creation and purchase of the coins. They have our thanks for bringing this project to Sinfonia, and for allowing us to help make this a special tribute to both Christopher and all Sinfonian veterans.

The sacrifices of those in the armed forces cannot be described in words nor made up for with tributes. However, in the spirit of brotherhood, and in the spirit of Veterans’ Day, which is being observed nationwide today, it is our hope that these coins help brothers grow closer in their fraternal bonds, and that the coins bring brothers a reminder of the gratitude felt toward them for their service.

Below is a video that was put together by Christopher’s parents. It is in honor of him, and in honor of the Sinfonians and servicemembers, he held dear, the same that inspired this project.

Obtaining Coins

Consistent with the idea that these should be in honor of our veterans, any officer of a chapter or alumni association can order the coins via MyDesktop. The coins will only be shipped during regular Fraternity mailings to all chapters and alumni associations, which happen four times a year. The coins are to be presented with an accompanying ceremony – which will be released upon NEC approval later this month – to help bring together veterans with their fellow brothers.

Any questions on the Challenge Coin program should be directed to Director of Programs, Will Lambert at