Position Description

Formerly identified the Retreat Coordinator and Programs Associate, the Assistant Director of Programs will be responsible for assisting the Director of Programs in the performance of his duties. He serves as the first-level primary contact at the National Headquarters for collegiate members, and should be familiar with all critical components of chapter and fraternity operations, able to answer questions on any aspect of chapter operations or constitutional requirements, and capable of training new or inexperienced chapter officers when issues arise. He will maintain the Fraternity’s colony program, perform membership records maintenance, ensure that records are accurately and completely maintained according to established standards, and staff the Sinfonia Store. He will be responsible for all chapter and province retreats, as well as any additional weekend Fraternity gatherings at Lyrecrest. He will serve as the on-call staff member with all matters regarding visitors and the property, including overseeing property security and management.


Applicants must be a Sinfonian in good standing and possess a bachelor’s degree in any field. Experience with Microsoft Office a must. Must have a well-functioning vehicle, and be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Prior experience as a chapter or province officer is preferred

Benefits Included

Competitive salary, free housing and utilities, health/dental insurance, participation at the 2015 National Convention, excellent professional work experience, and the opportunity to meet and interact with brothers from all over the country.


Full-time plus.

Application Deadline

Applications are no longer being accepted at this time.

This position is ideal for a graduating brother with an outgoing personality who is looking to gain valuable work experience and is interested in working at the National Headquarters. The experience gained through this position will be marketable in virtually every field of future professional endeavor.

Past Retreat Coordinator Nathan Schulte (2011-2012) described his experience:

“Being the Retreat Coordinator and Programs Associate has been a wonderful opportunity for multiple reasons. First and foremost it has opened my mind to the fraternity at large. Being able to recognize that Sinfonia is a national movement has led to my growth as person and as a Sinfonian. Secondly, the experience that I have gained from meeting other Sinfonians as they visit Lyrecrest has been invaluable. This position has given me the opportunity to learn the inner workings of the Fraternity and then pass on what I have learned to other members. Sharing our experiences and stories in a group setting in the confines of the clubroom, has proven to be an unlimited source of knowledge and growth for all members participating, including myself. This position has showed me the strength of the fraternity and given me a glimpse into the depth of our brotherhood that I otherwise may not have had.”

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Applications are no longer being accepted at this time.

Contact Mark Helmstetter, Director of Programs, at or (812) 867-2433 ext. 102 for more information.