The Fraternity has chosen six brothers for the inaugural summer internship class in 2014. Seventeen brothers applied for the positions, and the decision process was made doubly difficult by the quality of the applicants. The summer interns assist the National Staff in the completion of projects that benefit the Fraternity and improve resources available for brothers everywhere. Our six interns all reside in a rental home together in Evansville, and put in long days on projects ranging from cataloging archival materials to painting the buildings. In addition to providing a service to the Fraternity, the interns receive professional experience and skills training that will help them in careers to come. Interns are provided room and board during the internship, and receive a monthly stipend of $500.
In the first four weeks of the program, the interns have assisted in cleaning and reorganizing the Historian’s office in the National Archives and Museum, developing content for the new Web 2.0 implementation, providing graphic design materials for event displays, merchandising and recruitment materials, improving the back gardens and the butterfly/hummingbird garden at Lyrecrest, scanning chapter archives into digital media and creating electronic chapter files, developing a searchable archive of national publications, creating an electronic catalog of music available at the National Archives, cleaning and reorganizing the Sinfonia Educational Foundation archives, preparing historical and promotional videos, cleansing and normalizing membership data records, cleansing and reorganizing historical donor records, working on promotional material for the capital campaign and preparing for Leadership Institute and other summer events.

The 2014 Summer Interns are:

Dustin Griffin, Upsilon Chi (Northwest Missouri State), 2013
Dustin is a fifth-year senior majoring in vocal performance, and is serving as the current Fraternity Education Officer of the Upsilon Chi chapter.

James Hudgens, Theta Rho (Memphis) 2011
James is a senior majoring in Graphic Design at the University of Memphis, and served the Theta Rho chapter as Historian.

Lucas Pate, Epsilon Upsilon (Evansville) 2012
Lucas will be a junior this fall in Evansville, and is majoring in Music Business. He served as Treasurer of the Epsilon Upsilon chapter, and assisted with set-up and staffing at last year’s Leadership Institute.

Justin Salada, Omicron Mu (Clarion) 2012
Justin graduated in the spring with a degree in Music Education from Clarion, where he served as President, Vice President, and Fraternity Education Officer of the chapter. He has also served on the faculty relations committee of Province 39, and is a member of the Pittsburgh Alumni Association.

Eric Smith, Epsilon Phi (Capitol) 2012
Eric graduated in May with a degree in Organizational Communications. He is the CPR-elect for Province 3, and was named this spring as the winner of Province 3’s Richard Crosby Award recognizing outstanding province leadership.

James “Jimmy” Yingst, Beta Omicron (Mansfield) 2011
Jimmy graduated in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, and served as Secretary and Vice President of the Beta Omicron chapter.