Brothers! We are proud to announce that we are embarking on another step in our evolution from the current web presence to our new website; Sinfonia 2.0!

The new web presence that was over seven years in the making is finally a reality, brothers. We have received many positive comments from the sneak preview we released at Leadership Institute, and after three weeks of solid coding, scrubbing, and testing, we will bring the future to life at 12:00 Noon, Central Daylight Time, on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 as the next step towards Sinfonia 2.0.

Keep in mind that depending on your internet service provider the new website may not be immediately available to you and may take several hours past our launching time.

The journey of Sinfonia 2.0 began with building a new architecture, upon which we built the new Sinfonia Store, Online Chapter Reporting tool, the Payment Form, along with MySinfonia, an enhanced replacement for what was formerly known as MyDesktop. This next phase will transfer all of the current features available on the website to the new architecture, which will allow us to integrate all of our sites into a common, easily manageable domain for the first time. The website is structured to be fully compatible with mobile devices, and equally accessible from your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone.

A robust new search engine has been built into the new architecture which will provide greater usability and speedier search returns along with improved access to information. Professional, commercial-grade content management capabilities have been added, along with a much improved interface to the reference documents and publications.

We will keep both the current website and the new website running concurrently for the first month or two, to allow a smooth transition and ensure that all needed content is available and still accessible for use. This is standard practice commercially, and is a proven method for successfully transitioning to a new web architecture. Links to the current site will be made available on the homepage of the new site. Although compatible with most browsers, for the best experience with the new site, we recommend the latest releases of Mozilla’s Firefox browser or Google Chrome. To take full advantage of the new features and functions, a browser must support HTML5 and CSS3. A simple update to your current browser should allow you to use all of the features and functions in the way they were intended. However, you will still be able to access the site without these updates.

The evolution to Sinfonia 2.0 will continue over time as we develop additional tools, functions and features as we continue to expand our capabilities to meet the needs of Sinfonians today, while also allowing for future growth and expansion.

Join us in celebrating the new website and the hard work that has gone into making this dream a reality! Hail Sinfonia Brothers!