Founder’s Day – Sing as One!

Phi Mu Alpha’s Founder’s Day celebration is Monday, October 6th. All chapters and affiliates are encouraged to celebrate the founding of our beloved Fraternity by performing the official Founder’s Day Ceremony.

You can download the Founder’s Day Ceremony Here, and use the following Fraternity statistics:
(The Founder’s Day Ceremony is password protected with the English equivalent of the Second Great Object of Phi Mu Alpha)


What if, on an otherwise ordinary Fall weekend, we decided to stand together, all at the same time, and make the world take notice? With 247 active chapters across the country, alumni associations growing each year, and almost 117,000 living brothers, what would happen if we all decided to rededicate ourselves to the mission of Father Mills on a single day?

Founder’s Day commemorates more than just one man…it celebrates the breadth, and depth, and reach of his magnificent ideal. Ossian Mills believed fervently that men in music, filled with the spirit of brotherhood, would have a profound and lasting effect on the world. Those seeds he planted in the silence in Boston 116 years ago have come to fruition beyond anything imaginable in 1898.

Imagine Sinfonians bringing music to those who need it most, all across the country, all on the same day! Think of the impact we could rightly have, brothers, if we worked together to honor our Founder in such a concerted effort. Think of the power of our simple, heartfelt message in this time, where “small talk,” both casual and contrary, dominates the conversation.

Just as we bore witness to the power of music in Orlando at the 2012 National Convention, let us unleash that power now, together, and honor Father Mills in the most appropriate way – paying homage to his original mission. Let’s raise some dust, brothers! The time for keeping what we have to ourselves is past. It is time for us to write the next chapter in the proud history of Phi Mu Alpha, brothers; time to take the things we have learned and put them into action. Plan the most meaningful Mission you can devise, and inform your local media. Tell your community who we are, and what we believe. Post your pictures, share your stories, and fill the air with harmony!

If we can come together and make this happen, then maybe…just maybe, a weary world will take notice, and put aside the pettiness and spite for just a moment, and wonder at the power of our simple song. Wouldn’t that be a marvelous way to ring in our 117th year? Join in, brothers, and SING AS ONE! Let’s show the world who we are. So let it be for Sinfonia!

If you are able to participate, we’d love to hear from you. Send pictures, provide some highlights of your experience, or simply tell us what you chose to do using the form provided below. Post your official MMM report updates to help strengthen the resolve of our National Philanthropy with the official Mills Music Mission Report.