Over the last few weeks, the members of the National Staff have embraced the stress-reducing effects of custom skyline art.  When the schedule is stressful, there’s nothing better than taking a few minutes to create your own special skyline.  Almost anything can be created or modified, without the limitations of size, proportion or actual physical dimensions.

Liz Rader enjoys cropping the skylines of two different cities and merging them together to create the ultimate metropolis.  Mark Helmstetter specializes in reversing the proportionality of key elements, making tall buildings smaller and small buildings taller.  Mary Carie has become quite adept at shading and adding or removing ornamentation to buildings and landmarks.  Ed Klint looks for similarities in architecture, and inserts individual buildings to make a truly unique skyline creation, often drawing source material from the Great Cities of Europe.  Sean Leno loves to take an existing skyline intact, but lengthens and distorts the view to create a unique perspective.  Brandon Smith takes pride in putting a little bit of Atlanta in every cityscape, hearkening back to his Georgia roots.

We had no idea how popular this pastime had become until we became aware of the recent popularity of the subject in our social media postings and also as a favorite Google search object.

Knowing that mid-terms are fast approaching on many of our college and university campuses, we offer these skyline silhouettes as source material for your own custom skyline creations.  We hope it brings you hours of enjoyment, and a welcome respite from the stress of the academic curriculum.  We’d love to have you share your creations with us, too!  The skylines listed here are not the only skylines available, but we’ve had them around the office for weeks for another purpose, and found them to be extremely inspirational.  Enjoy!!


City 1 City 2 City 3 City 4 City 5 City 6