“I assure you that we men, all of us, need, more perhaps than we think, to withdraw from the active, noisy, materialistic rush of the world, not to mention the sensuous, intoxicating, social pleasures of life that minister only to the flesh, and in peaceful quiet meditate upon and consider together some of the deep things of life, listen to the voice of the Eternal and be taught by the infinite spirit of truth.”

Ossian E. Mills, 1909

Continuing ​their ​dedication ​to ​strong ​fraternity ​education ​practices ​and ​resources, ​National ​President ​John ​Mongiovi ​and ​National ​Vice ​President ​Mark ​Lichtenberg ​are ​hosting ​a ​series ​of ​regional ​events ​called ​Sinfonia ​Fireside ​Conferences. ​The ​program ​is ​dedicated ​to ​exploring ​the ​mission, ​Ritual, ​and ​ideals ​of ​the ​Fraternity, ​and ​providing ​tools ​for ​brothers ​to ​teach ​these ​concepts ​and ​apply ​them ​both ​in ​their ​individual ​lives ​and ​in ​their ​chapters.

Developed in the truest spirit of Fraternity, Fireside Conference can be a transformative and exalted experience where all Brothers of Sinfonia can come together into the silence to learn about the history and ideals that we hold most true. The final Fireside Conference of the 2012-2015 triennium will be held at Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA on March 20-21, 2015.

Come all, and join the legacy of Brothers at Fireside Conference Northeast, one of the best places to get up close and personal with the history and esoteric tradition and symbolism of Sinfonia’s Ritual through sessions such as:

The Purpose of Ritual

Sinfonia’s Ritual and Its Meaning

Interpreting the Ritual Text

Directing the Ritual

and, a very special keynote address by impassioned orator and Brother

“This it is to be a man of the highest type. To be and not seem; to do and not simply to talk…” -Ossian Everett Mills

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