Spring 2015 chapter reports are now available on http://www.mysinfonia.org. Chapter Presidents can access the reports and begin the workflow of submission.

Notice – effective immediately:

After two straight years of increases in the cost of our liability insurance premium, we began to run a deficit as the insurance fees could not cover the premium.  We have absorbed a 31% increase in the premium over the past two years.  We were able to manage this for two semesters with an increase in initiations providing enough new brothers to absorb the increase, but the last increase outpaced our ability to do that.  The Insurance Fee is covered under Bylaws Title I, Article X, Section 2, if you would like to learn more about it.  The NEC voted to increase the fee, beginning with the spring 2015 reporting period from $ 9.00 to $ 10.00.  This will bring the total amount of per capita tax and fees to $80 per installment, effective immediately.