The Nominating Committee of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, chaired by immediate past National President Dr. Richard Crosby, Eta-Omicron (Cincinnati) ’75, met over the last few months to consider nominations for four National Executive Committee positions open for election during the 2015 National Convention. The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its selections of outstanding candidates for the official slate of nominees for these important positions.

Other nominations will be welcomed from the National Assembly floor during the legislative sessions of the National Convention. For more information on the procedure by which one can be nominated from the floor, please refer to Title I, Art. XI of the National Constitution and Bylaws.

As outlined, only four of the seven positions on the National Executive Committee are to be nominated by the National Nominating Committee. The additional Committeeman-at-Large position, currently held by Joe Ritchie, Zeta Tau (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) ’87, continues from the previous triennium; the two committeemen serve staggered six-year terms. The chairmen of the PGs’ Council and CPRs’ Council are elected by their respective councils, rather than by the full National Assembly.

Nominee for National President

Mark R. Lichtenberg, Delta Nu (Bradley) ’93

Mark R. Lichtenberg was initiated in 1993 by the Delta Nu Chapter at Bradley University, and is currently serving a second term as Sinfonia’s National Vice President. He served Province 5 as a two-term Collegiate Province Representative (1996-1998) and Province Governor from 1998-2009. Prior to his first election as National Vice President, Brother Lichtenberg served two consecutive terms as Chairman of the Province Governors’ Council and National Secretary-Treasurer. As a delegate at the past six National Conventions, he has taken the initiative on numerous pieces of legislation to improve many aspects of our Fraternity, including the appointment and duties of Province Governors, the display and regulation of Fraternity symbols, and the restoration of the Object.

As National Vice President, Br. Lichtenberg is responsible for the creation and development of Sinfonia’s Fireside Conferences, which are dedicated to fraternity education for all Brothers. Beyond his official duties, Mark helped to develop the Mills Music Mission and is one of the primary authors of the Guide to Color Nights. His Comparative Study of the Initiation Rituals of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity and work on the 2009 revision of the Initiation Ritual is an enormous contribution to the Fraternity’s body of knowledge. Brother Lichtenberg’s influence and teaching over the last fifteen years has resulted in accuracy and consistency in the staging of the Ritual throughout the country, and has improved fraternity education overall.

Mark consistently acknowledges the influence of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia in his personal and professional life. “The power of Sinfonia to change lives for good is what motivates me to continue to serve the Fraternity in any capacity. Each day, I see how it helps me to be better in all of my endeavors, and that is why it is a priority of mine to continue to work for the betterment of all aspects of the organization.”

Brother Lichtenberg received Bachelor of Music degrees in Trumpet Performance and Music Education from Bradley University and a Master of Music Education from Kent State University. He recently accepted a position with the Indiana State Teachers Association as a UniServ Director. He has fifteen years of classroom teaching experience in K-12 schools, served for two years as President of the Evansville Teachers Association, and is a frequent presenter at state and national education conferences. He resides in Evansville with his wife, Courtney, sons, Drew and Bradley, and daughter, Sophia.

Nominee for National Vice President

K. Dean Shatley II, Rho Tau (Appalachian State) ’93

Dean Shatley was initiated by the Rho Tau Chapter at Appalachian State University in the Fall of 1993.  Sinfonia has made a deep and lasting impact in his life since that time.  When asked why he stays involved in the Fraternity, Brother Shatley credits his rich, collegiate experience for giving him the drive to stay active more than 20 years after his initiation.

Since initiation, Brother Shatley has served in a number of volunteer roles in the Fraternity.  On the province level he served as A-CPR and CPR of Province 20, as Deputy Governor, and as Province Governor from 1999-2008.  Brother Shatley has also served on numerous national committees and has frequently spoken at regional, province and national events on topics such as Hazing, Risk Management, Conflict Resolution and recruitment.  In 2009, Dean was fortunate to be elected to the National Executive Committee as a Committeeman-at-Large.  While on the NEC, he has served as the National Secretary-Treasurer as well as a Trustee of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation.

Dean lives in Asheville, NC with his lovely wife Jennifer and their two daughters, Cate and Maddie.  Dean is a practicing attorney and he graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Law in 2003.  In 2009, he co-founded a boutique law firm that focuses in education and public sector law.  In his daily practice, Dean counsels colleges and public schools on a wide array of legal issues.  Prior to law school, Dean taught high school band in North Carolina.

Other than serving our Fraternity, Dean has also served as a member on local and state boards including: Chair of the Asheville Area Arts Council, Advisory Board of the Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music, Appalachian State University Alumni Leadership Committee, and the North Carolina State Personnel Commission.  He also commits multiple hours a year to performing pro bono legal work for seniors in his community.

In his spare time, Brother Shatley enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with his family, and watching the English Premiere League.

Nominee for Committeeman-At-Large

Matthew R. Koperniak, Epsilon Lambda (University of Georgia) ’99

Matt Koperniak was initiated in 1999 as a collegiate member of the Epsilon Lambda chapter (University of Georgia). He served his chapter as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Historian, and was twice awarded “Sinfonian of the Year” from his chapter brothers. A 2002 recipient of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation scholarship, Matt has continued to serve the Fraternity throughout his post-college life.

Brother Koperniak serves as Governor of Province 33 (Northern and Central Georgia), a position he has held since 2005. Under his leadership, the province has expanded workshop offerings and leadership opportunities, developed scholarships for collegiate brothers to attend national events, added an annual Officer Summit to begin each school year, colonized and chartered two chapters and one alumni association (where he was a chartering member), instituted a partnership with SAI to promote both organizations with the state music education association, and recently hosted the Fireside Southeast Conference with a record number of brothers in attendance. He was awarded the Province Governor “Volunteer of the Year” award in 2013 for his efforts.

Beyond the borders of Province 33, Brother Koperniak serves on the Commission on Standards (2012-present), as Secretary to the Governors’ Council (2010-present), and has served on national committees including the Risk Management and Ritual Presentation committees. He has authored articles for Fraternity publications in areas of alumni relations, risk management, personal image, and history, including the cover article for the May 2011 edition of The Sinfonian. Matt has participated in multiple Leadership Institutes, Lyrecrest Work Weekends, PAC Trainings, onsite risk management investigations, and chapter installations/reactivations, as well as ten consecutive PG convocations.

In his eleventh year teaching in the Georgia public schools, Brother Koperniak is Director of Bands at Riverwatch Middle School where he expanded the band program from 135 students to over 500 members and was named the 2012 Teacher of the Year. Under his direction, the Riverwatch Symphonic Band has performed at the National Concert Band Festival, CBDNA/NBA Southern Division Convention, and GMEA State Convention. In his spare time, Matt enjoys running, tubing, and kayaking.

Nominee for National Collegiate Representative

Ryan P. Sullivan, Eta Omega (University of Florida) ’09

Ryan P. Sullivan was initiated into the Eta Omega Chapter in November 2009, and is currently in his second term as Collegiate Province Representative for Province 36. Since being initiated, he has remained heavily involved in his chapter, serving in the office of Philanthropy Chairman (2010-2012), Historian (2011-2012), Vice President (2012-2013), and Alumni Relations Officer (2014-2015). As he grew in Sinfonia, he became increasingly more active at the province level, serving as an ACPR from 2012-2013 and as CPR from 2013-2015.

In his time as a Collegiate Member, Brother Sullivan has been actively involved in helping the Eta Omega Chapter reacquaint itself with its history, overhauling its connection to its alumni, and developing brotherhood within the chapter and with other chapters in Florida by encouraging brothers to travel and experience all that Sinfonia has to offer. He has also helped in fostering expansion in Province 36 and revamping the role of the Province 36 Council. Ryan’s experience in working directly with the chapters caused him to advocate the further development and expansion of the Fraternity’s programs for outreach to collegiate brothers to increase collegiate involvement. Ryan’s efforts in this area led his brothers to nominate him for the position of National Collegiate Representative.

Ryan’s continued involvement in Phi Mu Alpha has fueled his fraternal flame and has driven him to seek involvement on a larger scale. “When I came to the University of Florida, I sought an organization that would help me find purpose and a deeper meaning.  Sinfonia has taught me the value of committing to something larger than myself, and has allowed me to develop strong leadership skills that help in all aspects of my life. The Fraternity challenges me daily to lead a life that is more manly and noble, and it has given me the strength I’ve needed to persevere through my hardest struggles.  I’ve seen the Fraternity change many lives in a meaningful way, not only through Mills Music Missions, but also in the Fireside Conferences, Province Workshops, and other events that draw brothers from every walk of life to experience brotherhood in a deeper way. The looks I see in brothers’ eyes as they fall in love with Sinfonia all over again bring me the greatest joy.”

As an undergraduate, Brother Sullivan was highly involved in the School of Music at the University of Florida, participating in the University of Florida Marching Band, Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Symphony Orchestra. He graduated cum laude from the University of Florida in 2013 with a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Currently, Ryan is in his second year of law school at the University of Florida, while also pursuing a Master of Science in Sport Management. He continues to play tuba with the Gainesville Community Band in Gainesville, Florida.