Important Notice

Chapter Reports Are Available

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that as of February 15 individual per capita taxes were assessed for all collegiate members. In addition, the Spring 2016 Chapter Report tool is now available for all active chapters. Please recall that chapter reports are due to be filed and completed by March 15 of this year per the National Constitution and Bylaws. The chapter report can be accessed and completed by your Chapter’s President via the website, and includes a number of steps that must be completed before it can be finalized.

Chapter Report Workflow

  1. Chapter collects current national dues in the amount of $82 ($70 per capita tax and $12 liability insurance fee collected as one payment), as well as any outstanding back dues, for any member who has not previously paid online through their own profile account.
  2. Chapter President submits the report with the recorded information through
  3. Chapter Faculty Advisor reviews and approves the submitted report. If the report is not approved, it must be edited and resubmitted.
  4. The Chapter President submits an online electronic check payment for the balance collected for the members plus $100 convention tax. If an electronic check cannot be submitted for any reason, a physical check must be disbursed in the name of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia to the National Headquarters.

Brothers, please be sure to act on this matter with haste. All outstanding chapter reports are due by March 15, and to be marked as completed, the report must not only be submitted, but also approved and completely paid. If the report is not completed by April 1, the chapter will automatically be placed on Probation, with suspension to follow if the report is still outstanding by April 15.

If you are not President of your chapter, please be sure to confer with him to insure that he has all of the information and support necessary to complete this process. If you have any questions regarding the steps necessary to complete this process, please do not hesitate to contact your Province Governor or the National Headquarters for support.