Important Notice

Chapter Officer Updates

In accordance with the National Constitution & Bylaws, each collegiate chapter should have installed its new chapter officers by April 1st. We recognize that some chapters observe calendar year terms of office; in these cases, installation typically takes place in December, which is prior to April 1 and fulfills the requirements of the National Constitution & Bylaws.

This installation date provides new officers ample time to transition into office by reviewing duties, understanding their responsibilities, and learning the tools at their disposal with the assistance of their predecessors. Making sure that chapter officers receive proper training will allow the chapter to be proactive in its responsibilities rather than reactive.

Chapters are encouraged to have a planned and formal transition between the outgoing class of officers and the newly elected officers.

Outgoing officers will need to use the Chapter Officer Update Form to report the new officers to the National Headquarters.  This is an essential step to ensure that the chapter will continue to receive critical information from the National Fraternity. Chapter Officer Updates should be filed within fifteen days after the new officers take office, regardless of whether the chapter observes calendar year or academic year terms of office.

Article IV. Section I election, installation, and term

A chapter annually elects a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Historian, a Warden, an Alumni Relations Officer, a Fraternity Education Officer, a Faculty Advisor, and other officers as necessary. A chapter may elect more than one Faculty Advisor. A chapter installs officers by April 1 of each year using the official installation ceremony. An elected officer serves for one year or until his successor is elected and installed. There is no term limit for a Faculty Advisor.

For regular elections, make sure to report all elected and re-elected officers. This includes Faculty Advisors.