Brothers, Sing On!

Sinfonia Song Challenge

The #SinfoniaSongChallenge for Brothers, Sing On! ended February 29th, 2016.
We were happy to see increased participation in the challenge issued by President Mark Lichtenberg .

Watch the videos of the winners of this round of #SinfoniaSongChallenge below.

The Winners

Combined Group

The combined brothers of Province 19 (Missouri) and Province 28 (Northern and Central Indiana), in chorus at their annual Lyrecrest retreat, have been selected as the winning Combined Group of this #SinfoniaSongChallenge.

Single Chapter

The Zeta Mu Chapter at Sam Houston State University in Province 40 has been selected as the winning Single Chapter of this #SinfoniaSongChallenge!

Here is our offering for the Sinfonian Song Challenge from the 5th Annual 19/28 Retreat.#sinfoniansongchallenge#iamsinfonia

Posted by David Fidler II on Monday, February 8, 2016

Previous Winner

The previous #SinfoniaSongChallenge was for Songs Are Best at Candlelight and was won by the Gamma Phi Chapter at Texas State University.