A Statement by President Lichtenberg


Just weeks ago, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity called on its members to welcome those who need refuge in the face of an unspeakable tragedy. Today, in the wake of more violence targeting the African American community and the often inflammatory commentary that has followed, the Fraternity asks the same.

There are no adequate words of comfort for those directly connected to these continuing tragedies, nor is it possible to wholly dissipate the sense of fear, anger and frustration these acts engender among the members of the African American community. The Fraternity stands in support of our African American brothers, and mourns the loss of all those whose lives are cut short by senseless and inexplicable acts of violence.

The issues that divide society must not be issues that divide Sinfonia. Our individual life experiences will not allow us to share all of the same perspectives as each of our Brothers, but we must strive to be men of understanding, kindness and caring — lights in the darkness of this world. Sinfonians celebrate our diversity; we do not fear or run from it. Brothers support Brothers in their times of need, regardless of the differences we may have, and we extend that support and love to all of society.

Sinfonia’s Sixth Supreme President, Percy Jewett Burrell, wrote these words in a message to the Fraternity that is relevant today, especially in light of these events:

“Brotherhood! The brotherhood of men! What spiritual significance! Do we catch its true meaning! Does it give us a real and vital experience? Do we get a spiritual insight? Do we look out with a broader vision? Do we think in terms and live in acts of brotherhood? If we do, we move in harmony, attuned to both God, the Father, and man, the Brother. What is music without harmony? Verily it is not music. Life without good-will and fraternity – what is it? Indeed it is not life. He has not truly lived who has not lived for others, in sympathy and in harmony with his fellows.”

These are the times during which Sinfonians must seek to live for others and be reminded that our charge is to win the world to Harmony. These are times to Sing as One and uplift our Brothers and our fellow man. These are times for Sinfonians to be men of the highest type. To be and not seem; to do and not simply to talk; to have the right ideal, the true motive and patiently to transform conduct in accordance with it.

Fraternally yours,
In Phi, Mu, and Alpha,

Mark Lichtenberg





Mark R. Lichtenberg
National President