Statement on Dallas Shootings

During the past few weeks, our society has experienced events that have impacted many Brothers deeply, directly or indirectly. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia has responded each time by calling for Unity and Harmony and asking its members to be a refuge to those who are hurting or fearful or confused.

Last week, more violence erupted, this time directed at law enforcement officers in Dallas and other cities across the nation. We mourn the victims of these crimes and pledge our support to the many men and women in blue who put their lives on the line each day for our society.

Sinfonia renews its call for members to seek the best in others for the good of all. We do not all share the same experiences, perspectives or opinions, and that is what makes us strong as an organization. The issues that divide society must not be issues that divide Sinfonia. Brothers support Brothers in their times of need regardless of the differences we may have, and we extend that support and love to all of society.

Too often in our society, the actions of the few inform our views of the many, resulting in opinions that are unfairly broad. We must rise above this sort of divisive rhetoric that seems to be fueled by an inability to see beyond our differences as human beings and stand firm in our resolve to win the world to Harmony. As Sinfonians, let us commit to Sing as One, to uplift and not degrade our Brothers and our fellow man, and to be motivated by a desire to be a positive change in our society.

Fraternally yours,
In Phi, Mu, Alpha

Mark Lichtenberg

Mark R. Lichtenberg
National President