ADP Brandon M. Smith Completes Contract

Assistant Director of Programs Brandon M. Smith, Xi Gamma 2011, will end his tenure on the National Staff on Friday, October 21, 2016. Brother Smith served in the position under a two-year contract which ended in late September.

During his time at Lyrecrest, Brandon helped Mark Helmstetter implement significant changes in the Colony Program approved by the Commission on Standards and the National Executive Committee in 2014. Brandon also updated and improved our colony management process, standardizing data structures and assisting in the creation of a new trigger mechanism for requesting movement between Phases of the Program.

Most Brothers will recognize Brandon as the “Brother at the Door” when they visited Lyrecrest, whether on a retreat, or just stopping by when in the Evansville area. Brandon made many positive changes to the Retreat program, and completely re-organized our photographic and data documentation. He helped make retreats not only more productive and enjoyable, but also more musical.

During his tenure in the position, Brandon has greatly expanded the Fraternity’s profile in the Evansville area. He built relationships with many area activities directors and music coordinators, and we have brought Mills Music Missions to over 23 locations in the past 18 months, as opposed to the two locations which were once “routine.”

An excellent percussionist, Brandon is a consummate musician, and we will miss his influence in that area greatly. He is also a highly skilled and accomplished photographer, and his art there has added significantly to our image library, and the quality of what we are able to publish. His 5:00 am photo of newly fallen snow in the pre-dawn light at Lyrecrest became one of our official Christmas Cards last year.

Brandon is a veteran of our national exhibit tours, and many of you may remember meeting him at Midwest Clinic, Drum Corps International World Championships, or Drums on the Ohio. Brandon participated in a local Brass Band, and played percussion for theater performances at the University of Evansville, as well as for performances of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and the Owensboro Symphony, with which he will give his farewell performance this weekend.

Please join me in thanking Brother Smith for his help, his innovations and his many contributions to Sinfonia’s programs and headquarters operations. We wish him well as he returns home to Georgia to pursue the next phase in his career. If you would like to send farewell messages, Brandon can be reached until October 31 at