A Special Message on Election Day from President Lichtenberg

Brothers –

Today is Election Day across our country. It is each citizen’s opportunity to participate in our Democracy, and I encourage you to be one of those participants. If you have not already done so by taking advantage of early voting opportunities, go vote! Even if the lines and waits are long, go vote!

This election season has been marked by passionate supporters of candidates across the political spectrum from the federal to the state to the local levels of government. At some point, winners will be declared, and some supporters will be overjoyed while others are deflated. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Brothers, please do your part to raise the level of discourse away from divisiveness and anger. We can choose to disagree and still exhibit kindness.

I urge you to be men of the highest type. So let it be for Sinfonia!

Fraternally yours,
In Phi, Mu, Alpha

Mark Lichtenberg

Mark R. Lichtenberg
National President