Signature Sinfonian Award

WHAT IS IT: The Signature Sinfonian Award recognizes alumni members who have achieved a high standard of accomplishment in their field or profession, thereby bringing honor to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Alumni of any profession, occupation, or service of work are eligible for nomination.

Volunteer of the Year Award

WHAT IS IT: The Volunteer of the Year Award is to honor those Sinfonians who have significantly contributed to the betterment of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia through volunteer work. Faculty Advisors, Province Governors, and other volunteers are eligible to receive this award. NEC members are not eligible for this award.

All nominations must be received by the National Headquarters by April 1, 2018, to be considered by the Awards Committee.

Signature Sinfonian Recipients

Those who are chosen to be a Signature Sinfonian will join an impressive list of professionals at the top of their field.

2006 – Maynard Ferguson
2007 – Alvin Batiste
2008 – Dr. William Moffit
2009 – Captain Winston E. Scott
2010 – Vic Firth
2011 – Dr. Herbert Owen Reed
2012 – David Holsinger
2013 – George Irving Shirley
2014 – James Swearingen
2015 – Dr. Peter Wilson
2016 – Dr. William “Ted” McDaniels
2017 – Dr. Glen C. Hayes

Volunteer of the Year Recipients

Those who are chosen to be a Volunteer of the Year will join a list of Brothers who significantly contributed to Sinfonia.

2006 – Mark Stice – Province Governor
2007 – Phillip Hernandez – General
2009 – Kenneth Moses – Faculty Advisor
2011 – Tony Cowan – Province Governor
2012 – Patrick Clancy – Province Governor
2013 – Matthew Koperniak – Province Governor
2014 – Derek Danilson – General
2015 – Ashley E. Glenn – General
2016 – Bruce Hall – Faculty Advisor