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The Sinfonia Educational Foundation is excited to announce the availability of the 2018-2019 School Year Scholarship Applications! $20,000 in scholarships are being offered for the next academic year to all eligible applicants. Individual Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $7,500.

The SEF has proudly supported music programs and students since its inception. Thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded each year, many of them to brothers who would not be able to continue their education otherwise.

SEF Schoalrship - Davis Headshot

2017 Scholarship Recipient
Tristan Davis – Epsilon Iota Chapter – Florida State University

“Coming from a family which has traditionally struggled to make ends meet, I’ve always tried my best to work for financial aid – to avoid putting the burden on my family for my education. The Sinfonia Educational Foundation scholarship I received has provided me with a major source of relief in that respect, freeing me to focus on my education without the added stress of worrying about my finances. The SEF has provided me an opportunity to grow as a student, a future educator, and as a Brother in Phi Mu Alpha. I am grateful to the SEF for their support and the impact they have made on me.”

Available Scholarship

  • Undergraduate General Scholarships : $7,500$5,000
  • Graduate Scholarship: $2,500
  • James H. Patrenos Memorial Scholarship: $2,500
  • Christopher Patterson Memorial Scholarship: $1,000
  • W. Eldridge and Emily Lowe Scholarship: $1,000
  • Delta Iota Alumni Scholarship: $500

All completed applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM (Central) on Sunday, May 20th, 2018.

If you have questions about the scholarship application form or process, please contact the National Headquarters at (812)-867-2344 ext. 100, or by email at scholarship@sinfonia.org

Jule Streety Headshot

2015 Scholarship Recipient –
Jule Streety – Alpha Upsilon – University of Arizona

“In September 2015, my father passed away. This caused many challenges for me academically, and there was a point where I was unable to do work or attend classes. Whenever I would get frustrated and question myself, I remembered that the SEF had enough faith in me as a Brother to deem it appropriate to help me financially. Having that support in school helped me push through and overcome that difficult time. I ended up finishing the semester with straight A’s and was accepted into a Master’s Degree program in Musicology at the University of Arizona. I will forever be grateful to the SEF for supporting me, and will always remember the impact it had on my life.”