Congratulations, Brothers!

The Sinfonia Educational Foundation’s Scholarship program promotes academic excellence and encourages lifelong learning in the Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. Scholarship winners are selected based on the quality of their written essays, their academic performance, and their Fraternity, campus, and community involvement. 

The Sinfonia Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Program is made possible through the generous donations of Sinfonian Brothers and friends of the Fraternity. As the cost of higher education increases, so does the need for financial assistance. You can make an important difference in the lives of Brothers who will become the leaders of tomorrow by supporting this vital Scholarship Program. If you are interested in helping us continue, or expand, scholarship opportunities, you can make a donation at

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the seven Brothers who have been selected to receive Sinfonia Educational Foundation scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year. We have chosen to let this year’s recipients introduce themselves with selected excerpts from their winning essays. 

Our thanks to every donor who has supported the Scholarship Program. The needs of our Brothers far outstrip the resources currently available, so we hope you will consider a gift if you have not previously participated in this important Program.

Brother Nelson Adams – $7,500 SEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Gamma Iota Chapter (Baylor University)
Music Education Major

“It’s truly eye-opening, and all the more incredible, to realize the true diversity of the “classical musician,” and Sinfonia embodies everything about that concept to its brightest potential. As men for the advancement of music in America, we are full supporters of new, unique ideas. Music here is more than just traditional forms and progressions, but a blend of many different sources and idioms. Look no further than jazz, and you’ll see how truly diverse American music can be, and likewise, how diverse its performers are as well. My experiences meeting new people and hearing new music have broadened my appreciation for more types of music and inspired me to use these influences to further my understanding of how music ties us together. More than ever, our society needs music to bring us together, and as Sinfonians we have the ability to lead this charge.”

Brother Peyton McGuire – $5,000 SEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Beta Kappa Chapter (Coe College)
Chemistry and Physics Major

“I believed I expressed my music like any “regular” musician does: by playing it […] But as a Sinfonian I realize I couldn’t have been more wrong […] Musicians don’t just “play” their music; they grow with it [… ] Sinfonia deepened not only my respect for the music I was playing, but also gave me the self-confidence that as a musician I was doing something wonderful: I was a part of artwork in motion.”

Brother Nick Katz – $2,500 SEF Graduate Scholarship

Beta Tau Chapter (University of Miami)
Masters of Science in Anesthesia  

“… as time progresses and creative, musically inclined men become more disillusioned with the status quo, Sinfonia’s teachings offer a time-tested, Modernist perspective to fuel their endeavors further, and to keep aiming for their goals despite the challenges presented to them by a predominantly Postmodern society. The manly musician and the musicianly man simply could not continue to pursue the “38 words of high-sounding character” put forth in the Object if it not be for the ideals crafted during this Modernist period, when optimism was widespread, and art valued by the effort required to create it.”

Brother Keegan Bosch – $2,500 James H. Patrenos Memorial Scholarship

Nu Pi Chapter (Central Michigan University)
Music Education Major

“I can trace almost every positive male role model I had back to Sinfonia. […] Sinfonians taught me […] that it’s okay for men to be comfortable expressing their emotions and to just be open and honest with others. I owe my work ethic, my emotional honesty, and all the best parts of my concept of manhood to the Sinfonians who influenced me throughout my time before joining the Brotherhood. “

Brother Dylan Propheter – $1,000 W. Eldridge and Emily Lowe Scholarship

Alpha Lambda Chapter (Illinois Wesleyan University)
Music Education Major

“In this Fraternity, everyone is lifted up, and encouraged to be the best they can. This supportive environment really fosters personal and musical growth. When you have a whole support network as powerful as the one PMA provides, it is so much easier to play a recital, to run for an exec position, or branch out some other way in your life. No matter how well or how poorly it goes, brothers will be there for you – glad that you tried, and eager to help you do better the next time. “

Brother Trevor Moosa – $1,000 W. Christopher Patterson Memorial Scholarship

Delta Epsilon Chapter (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Music Education Major

“During my time in Sinfonia, I have held three elected officer positions […] these positions have taught me that being a leader is more than just being an effective communicator and a great organizer: I have to be able to encourage and inspire people…”

Brother Joshua Partridge – $500 Delta Iota Alumni Scholarship

Xi Gamma Chapter (Columbus State University)
Music Education Major

“Music is one of the greatest paradigms for fraternal bonds and fellowships. No choir can succeed if everyone is a soloist. Likewise, no one person is responsible for all of the notes present within harmony. Working with brothers for a common goal through music is probably the starkest example of how Phi Mu Alpha shapes one into a better Man and a better Musician. “