Your Design, Your Voice, Your Fraternity.

Express Yourself With Sinfonia Custom

We are very excited to introduce you to Sinfonia Custom – Phi Mu Alpha’s very own custom apparel design platform. Members can choose from a variety of options to customize apparel and other merchandise. With built-in designer functionality that rivals what is commercially available on other custom apparel sites, Sinfonia Custom has a lot to offer.

Through Sinfonia Custom, we have made it possible for Brothers to create their own designs easily. Choose from dozens of garments and colors to make it truly your own. You can save designs and share them with your Brothers with just a few clicks.

If you already have a print-ready design, you can easily upload it through the designer tool. If we like it, we may offer you the chance to “take it National” and create designs for the Fraternity. If there’s something you like that you don’t see, ask. We’re always looking for product ideas and can provide you a quote on special orders.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and the service was created to provide Sinfonians quality materials at a reasonable price. Best of all, the proceeds from sales of Sinfonia Custom products are invested back into the Fraternity to help fund Fraternity programs, educational materials, and resource materials for members.

Whether you’re ordering a single t-shirt, shirts for your family line, or shirts for the whole Chapter, Sinfonia Custom makes it easy and affordable. Need shirts for an event or Province Workshop? We can do that too.

With recruitment season gearing up, Sinfonia Custom can help you look your best as you promote Sinfonia to potential new members on campus. You can also check out the start of our special Sinfonia Collection that offers designs that are great for chapter service programs. There’s a performance polo that’s perfect for working the stage at recitals and events, and a brand-new dress shirt option for ushering, campus tours or post-concert formal receptions.

We will continue to expand the base materials and design elements we offer as the year progresses.

Start designing on Sinfonia Custom today by following the link below.