Chapter Reports Are Available

Fall 2019 Chapter Report Forms are now available for submission. Chapter reporting is essential for ensuring your chapter’s information stays current and an important component of keeping your chapter’s roster in check. Chapter Presidents should work closely with their Secretaries, Treasurers, and Faculty Advisors to ensure their submission and payment is accurate and on time.  The chapter report can be accessed and completed by your Chapter’s President via the website and includes a number of steps that must be completed before it can be finalized.

Deadline Countdown

2019/10/14 23:59:59

Chapter Report Workflow

Step 1. Set a Collection Deadline.

By setting a deadline for collecting National per Capita Tax and Fees from Brothers, the Chapter can ensure the accuracy of reporting monies collected by members. We recommend that Chapters set a deadline of October 1st for any money to be collected and turned in on a Brother’s behalf. Once the collection deadline has passed, Brothers should be directed to pay online through their MySinfonia accounts.

Step 2. Fill out the Chapter Report.

After the Chapter’s collection deadline has passed, the Chapter President, Secretary, and Treasurer should all get together for this part. Together these officers will be able to provide the information necessary for reporting such as monies collected, class status (sophomore, junior, etc.), professional semesters, disciplinary actions, and discrepancies.

Step 2a. Disciplinary Actions.

This includes Chapter Suspensions and Chapter Expulsions that have not yet been reported to the National Headquarters. Be sure to have all proper documentation ready for upload when filing the report.

Step 2b. Discrepancies.

If someone is still on the Chapter’s roster that shouldn’t be,  the discrepancy box will need to be selected. When prompted to explain the discrepancy, please be as detailed as possible about the explanation. For example: “Johnny graduated May 2016 after student teaching in the spring term.” is acceptable while “Johnny left a couple of semester ago.” is not acceptable.

Step 3. Submit the Report.

Once all the details of the report have been properly filled out, the Chapter President will submit the Chapter Report to be reviewed by the Faculty Advisor. It is important to personally notify the Faculty Advisor that the Chapter Report is ready for review.

Step 4. Faculty Advisor Review.

The Faculty Advisor should receive an automatic email notification upon the Chapter President’s submission of the Chapter Report but can access the report through their MySinfonia Officer Resources. The Faculty Advisor will review the content of the Report for accuracy before accepting or rejecting the report.

Step 4a. Rejected Chapter Report

If the Faculty Advisor finds errors in the Chapter Report, a notification will be sent to the Chapter President that corrections need to be made. If this is the case, go back to Step 2 and make the necessary corrections. We recommend doing this with the Faculty Advisor to ensure all errors are corrected.

Step 5. Submit Payment

Once the report has been approved, Chapters can submit payment for the Chapter Report Total Balance Due by making an electronic check payment through the Chapter Report tool. Be certain to enter in the correct account and routing number into the payment tool.

Step 5a. University Financial Requests

Some Chapters may need to request funds from the Chapter’s financial accounts that are held by the school. It may take the school 2-3 weeks to process the request and send a check. NEVER enter a university check’s accounting and routing number into the payment tool for the report.

If you have questions about how to fill out the report, how to describe a discrepancy, or about the proper status to assign a member, please contact the National Headquarters at or at 812-867-2433 ext. 100