Stand Up and Speak Out Against Hazing

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Hazing

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is proud to join the hundreds of fraternities and sororities across the nation who celebrate the strength and courage of Brotherhood and Sisterhood by participating in National Hazing Prevention Week. When we stand up and speak out against hazing, we can put an end to harmful practices. Hazing prevention is a year-round responsibility; failure to commit to prevention is a failure to live up to the values and mission of our organization.

Participation in National Hazing Prevention Week is one of the ways that Phi Mu Alpha works to foster a personal responsibility in our members to eradicate risky behaviors and activities from the fraternal experience. Throughout the week, Brothers will participate in the #LiveYourOath Challenge, where they will discuss and share the ways they can personally prevent hazing. They will also be presented with educational information and related questions to help them evaluate their own experiences and Chapter programs.

To help prevent hazing, the Fraternity has taken numerous steps over the past few years to educate our members. In 2016, Phi Mu Alpha partnered with EverFi to provide our members with an online education course called GreekLifeEdu, which addresses critical issues such as alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing. Throughout this program, students are reminded of their values and strengths and are challenged to consider ways to leverage them throughout different interactive scenarios. All Probationary Members are required to complete this course before they are allowed to be initiated.

Additionally, each year, all collegiate members are required to recommit themselves to our Risk Management Policies annually through our Risk Management Acknowledgment Renewal Process. The process includes a refresher on varying Risk Management topics and our Risk Management Policies. This process is the foundation of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity’s commitment to proactive and continuous Risk Management and Risk Management Education for our members.

We hope that through continued education on the harmful effects of hazing and reinforcement of the Fraternity’s values that we can create a better and safer Fraternity experience.