“The bond of Sinfonia Brotherhood now extends throughout the length and breadth of our country. Never before have such cordial relations and mutual interest existed among the leading musical schools of learning. Never before has a like number of musicians and students of music been banded together by such bonds of real brotherhood. Such an influence must make itself felt beyond the borders of our fraternal quarters to the accomplishment of our further purpose, ‘The advancement of music in America.’’

– George C. Williams (Delta, Ithaca College, 1903), Third Supreme President of Sinfonia

Amidst a world grappling with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we often find ourselves trying to make sense of it all. How do we handle new travel restrictions, classwork, or interacting with friends? All of this was soon the reality for many of us nationwide, and solutions quickly began to arise that helped ease the pains of isolation and social distancing. For musicians and ensembles, the answer was virtual performance.

Inspired by virtual ensembles, such as Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, Brother Jacob Lambert (Zeta Eta, Marshall University, 2017) conceived the idea of the Virtual Sinfonia Choir. While serving as the Zeta Eta Chapter’s President and Music Director, Jacob says the idea was a product of a chapter executive committee meeting. That meeting ultimately led to the creation of a Facebook group that now has nearly 900 alumni and collegiate Sinfonians. The group has seen slight variations in its name; however, “Virtual Sinfonian Choir” has stuck around.

Although on the surface, the group may look like just another outlet for virtual music performance, it is much more than that. From the first meeting of the choir’s planning committee, Brothers from across the country immediately bonded and found common fervor for creating music that harnesses both Sinfonia’s fraternal spirit and brings comfort to the world at large. To exemplify these two ideas, the choir’s first song would be “Sinfonia Hymn” from the Sinfonia Songbook with Brother Will Akins (Gamma Omega, Indiana State University, 2016) at the helm as the conductor. After months of individual part submissions from Brothers nationwide and countless hours of hard work, the video posted above was finally ready for release.

Although voices were essential to bringing the choir to life, it would not have been possible without those who put themselves to work behind the scenes. Brothers not featured volunteered hours for video composition, audio engineering, and production. Notably, Brother James Hendricks (Zeta Eta, Marshall University, 2020) completed the final mix for the production of the “Sinfonia Hymn” debut. The project truly was a collaborative effort on the part of brothers in Phi Mu Alpha. Each man banning together and using his unique talents to put forth a musical product that not only uplifted themselves but carried with it the ability to uplift and heal those around them. 

Looking towards the future, the Virtual Sinfonia Choir hopes to continue to grow as they take on the “Red Book Project,” an effort to record and perform each song in the Sinfonia Songs book.  Other plans include performances of original compositions by Brothers in the Fraternity along with guest conductor features and a special performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The group is a testimony to the bonds of Brotherhood shared by Sinfonians across the nation and an example of how Sinfonians can create Harmony when the world around us is met with moments of discord.

Brothers interested in joining the Virtual Sinfonian Choir or would like to learn more are encouraged to join the Virtual Sinfonian Choir Group on Facebook or reach out via email at sinfoniavirtualchoir@gmail.com.

We want to share how you’re still making music!
Brothers who have performed in a virtual concert or performance during the COVID-19 pandemic
are encouraged to send us a link to the performance at
editor@sinfonia.org to be considered for publication.

Thank you to the Brothers who participated in this project!

Tenor 1
Will Booker, Gamma Eta
Patrick Dailey, Eta Xi
Sean Delgrosso, Epsilon Rho
Rusty Gallas, Rho Xi
Spencer Germany, Omicron Tau
Dylan Griffin, Sigma Psi
Nathan Hargis, Omicron Tau
Adam Henning, Theta Nu
Ben Hickson, Theta Tau
Cameo Humes, Xi Nu
Jameel McKanstry, Epsilon Iota
Jason Pandelidis, Lambda Beta
Marshall Rickman, Zeta Eta
James Rodrigue, Omicron Beta
Young Rylee, Beta Sigma
Luis Servin, Gamma Delta
Mark Tenorio, Iota Pi
Connor Terrell, Rho Omega
Michael Woodruff, Beta Kappa


Tenor 2
Collin Alekson, Lambda Gamma
Johnny Canamaso, Nu Psi
Dante Colding, Theta Eta
Jonathan Garcia, Xi
Zac Gilbertson, Gamma Theta
Delan Hao, Iota
Ben Hickson, Theta Tau
Emanual Hill, Kappa Gamma
Tim Klinker, Beta Delta
John O’Driscoll, Delta Psi
Cj Puentes, Theta Tau
James Rodrigue, Omicron Beta
Chris Thorne, Xi Omega


Cory Bissell, Pi Upsilon
Stephen Chavez, Kappa Chi
Drew Crim, Gamma Omega
Justin Desens, Theta Nu
Carlos Gonzalez, Kappa Chi
Ben Hickson, Theta Tau
Olin Jenkins, Eta Zeta
Jacob Lambert, Zeta Eta
Zach Lynn, Omicron Omega
Michael Mairs, Gamma Theta
Tony Martin, Xi
James Rodrigue, Omicron Beta
David Simmons, Eta Xi
Jordan Smith, Theta Rho
Erik Viator, Delta Epsilon


Will Akins, Gamma Omega
Connor Barber, Epsilon Iota
Joseph Barnett, Gamma Beta
Cole Birmingham, Kappa Eta
Jonathan Eastman, Beta Delta
Will Gamache, Pi Upsilon
Bram Hernandez, Nu Eta
Charles Horn, Gamma Theta
Alex Jacobson, Omicron Pi
Zach Lynn, Omicron Omega
Ethan Mitchell, Eta Phi
Alex Rattana, Epsilon Rho
Emorja Roberson, Kappa Sigma
Nathan Schimpf, Zeta Kappa
David Seanor, Omicron Tau
James Tapley, Theta Phi
Matthew Trevino, Kappa Chi
CJ Whitmore, Theta Phi