Congratulations, Brothers!

The Sinfonia Educational Foundation’s Scholarship program promotes academic excellence and encourages lifelong learning in the Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. Scholarship winners are selected based on the quality of their written essays, their academic performance, and their Fraternity, campus, and community involvement. 

The Sinfonia Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Program is made possible through the generous donations of Sinfonian Brothers and friends of the Fraternity. As the cost of higher education increases, so does the need for financial assistance. You can make an important difference in the lives of Brothers who will become the leaders of tomorrow by supporting this vital Scholarship Program. If you are interested in helping us continue or expand scholarship opportunities, you can make a donation at

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the seven Brothers who have been selected to receive Sinfonia Educational Foundation scholarships for the 2020-21 academic year. We have chosen to let this year’s recipients introduce themselves with selected excerpts from their winning essays. 

Our thanks to every donor who has supported the Scholarship Program. The needs of our Brothers far outstrip the resources currently available, so we hope you will consider a gift if you have not previously participated in this important Program.

Brother Travis Krickovic – $7,500 SEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Rho Omega Chapter (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Music Education Major

“The ideals that all brothers hold close to their hearts and live by every day are represented by the expression “fraternal spirit.” We are willing to make sacrifices to help out a brother in need, and we sacrifice our time and efforts to present MMMs, recitals, and all of our events to bring the power of music into our communities. The secrecy and mystery of our bond elevates musical discussions and perspectives to, in Brother Mills’ words, an exploration of our “higher natures” rather than just a platform for “social kinship.” Our commitment to truth paves the way towards uplifting America and the world through music – in order to spread harmony to the public, we must first be faithful and harmonious amongst ourselves, treating each other as true brothers. Sinfonians integrate these three principles into their lifestyle, thus giving them the tools they need to promote mutual benefit and goodwill among America’s musicians.”

Brother Erik Pedersen – $5,000 SEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Epsilon Iota Chapter (Florida State University)
Commercial Music Major

“In the minds of many people, Fraternity is seen as an organization or a bond shared by Sinfonians. In reality, this fellowship exists beyond our organization and includes all of mankind. Thus, a spirit of love towards the world is an essential part of advancing music in America. Our fraternal spirit accomplishes this through broadening the sympathies of brothers and creating better husbands and fathers. In our chapter rooms, the lessons we learn go with us into the outside world as we are determined to care for the welfare of our fellow man.”

Brother Brett Causey – $2,500 SEF Graduate Scholarship

Lambda Phi Chapter (Mississippi State University)
Masters of Saxophone Performance

 “I can think of no other organization that places its members in such a position to make a difference as Sinfonia does. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is uniquely qualified and capable of advancing music in America through its teaching of foundational ideals by which members can make a difference in their chapter and personal lives.”

Brother Rickey Brown, III – $2,500 James H. Patrenos Memorial Scholarship

Zeta Iota Chapter (Howard University)
Music Business Major

“Development of fraternal spirit is the first point of our Object because Father Mills’s foundational desire was harmony amongst men. Harmony not just in music, but of minds, hearts and spirits that begins within, extends to our brother, and overtake America. Harmony requires different notes to collectively work together to achieve a singular chord. Simply put, there can be no harmony projected out to the world or even America if we do not first come together and decipher how to celebrate all our differences and bond through a language understood by all: music.”

Brother Connor Schuster – $1,000 Christopher Patterson Memorial Scholarship

Nu Pi Chapter (Central Michigan University)
Music Education Major

“The bonds that we create as brothers are necessary for our work to truly uplift mankind. As brothers, we have all felt that indescribable sensation when moved by music. To be able to share that with one another is what allows us to share that with everyone around us, and to truly make an impact on the advancement of music in our local, regional, and national communities. It is because of our fraternal spirit that we are able to enrich the lives of others so deeply.”

Brother Joel Andrews – $1,000 W. Eldridge and Emily Lowe Scholarship

Beta Nu Chapter (University of Northern Iowa)
Music Performance (Horn) Major

“I have found that developing fraternal spirit is a very direct and effective way of advancing music locally. Last year I began inviting brothers to perform music they were working on in my basement. They knew that the audience there would be kind and receptive, so lots of people wanted to come perform. Over time, people outside the fraternity began hearing about these house concerts and I began hosting more local artists. Many new people who come to play and listen tell me how much they appreciate the crowd in my basement, especially compared to the bars and other venues they are used to. Although our brothers cannot necessarily advance music in America financially, I am proud to say that we do our part very effectively through the community we foster together.”

Brother Brantley West – $500 Delta Iota Alumni Scholarship

Epsilon Iota Chapter (Florida State University)
Music Education Major

“With the intrinsic brotherhood that I experienced through Sinfonia, I was able to perform better in other areas of my life. Standing in front of my colleagues to conduct suddenly became something I looked forward to rather than something to fear; mentoring and empowering probationary members while serving as Fraternity Education Officer became a passion rather than a chore; opening up to friends I recently met became far easier. Brotherhood provided me the fuel to take that step forward and find harmony within myself, and because of that, I was able to spread this newfound fraternal spirit to others through music.”