In late July, Brother Jeffery Tribble (Nu Iota – South Carolina State University – 2013), was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine’s “Empathetic Modern Leader Series.” Brother Tribble has previously been named as one of Magic Johnson’s 32 Under 32 in 2016 and as a Black Enterprise Magazine BE Modern Man. He is a musician with more than a dozen years of experience in music education in the D.C. area and has spent years dedicated to providing musical lessons, experiences, and opportunities for the benefit of those who need it most.

Music has always been an essential part of Brother Tribble’s life since he was a young percussionist. He turned a passion into a scholarship at Howard University and later attended the George Washington University Law School. While at the school, Tribble founded the nonprofit organization The MusicianShip – which offers a wide range of music education programs, geared towards enriching the lives of students, their families, and the communities in which they live.

This past June, Brother Tribble was named as President and CEO of Levine Music, a 45-year-old music education institution with five campuses across DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The organization currently serves 3500 students each week.

“Living in D.C. for now 17 years, I have always looked up to Levine Music and the indelible mark they have made across this region’s music education landscape. I am excited to work alongside Levine Music’s extremely talented team to continue the legacy of excellence that has changed thousands of lives in its 45-year history,” said Tribble.

Under Brother Tribble’s direction as CEO, The MusicianShip grew from serving two students in 2009 to nearly 2,000 in 2021 and acquired the Washington Youth Choir, the Washington Area Music Association Wammie Awards, and the DC Funk Parade. These acquisitions preserved renowned DC music institutions so that our communities may continue to reap the benefits of DC’s incredible musical heritage.

While still continuing to head efforts at MusicianShip, Tribble will be busy and working closely with Levine’s faculty board and staff as they set forth a strategic vision for Levine’s future. He says, “At Levine Music, we don’t just focus on music education, we also focus on holistic learning, ensuring that students in our program are benefitted in more than one way.” 

Phi Mu Alpha salutes Brother Jeffery Tribble’s work as a brother exemplar in the world of music and his steadfast efforts to affect positive change in his local community.