“Work for Sinfonia, and Sinfonia will work for you. Live for Sinfonia, and Sinfonia will live in you.” —Brian Stratton
From June 27-30, about twenty Sinfonians from across the country came together to provide incredible service to Lyrecrest! These Brothers heard the call, freely giving much-needed manual labor around the property. Here are some accomplishments from the event!
  • Cleared overgrown and invasive species around Lyrecrest, Bray Cottage, and Lyrecrest North
  • Mulched all cleared areas
  • Removed sinking rocks from front of house and began addressing erosion concerns
  • Repainted the fraternity services office
  • Deep cleaned all of Lyrecrest and Bray Cottage
  • Installed first of two hammock cities and new fireplace outside near the back patio
  • Cleared all gutters and roofs at NHQ; removed any tree limbs around the houses
  • Burned years-dormant brush pile
  • Catalogued computer components at Lyrecrest
  • Recovered hard drives that contain important archival data
Thank you to all Sinfonians in attendance and to the Brothers who have donated to make these projects possible!
Please consider joining us from August 9-11 for our second service experience of the summer! To learn more about the upcoming event, how you can sponsor projects, and to register today, go to my.Sinfonia.org today! We would love to have you join us this summer to provide a tangible impact on our Brotherhood while engaging the highest form of servant leadership.
If you cannot join us in August, please join us in celebrating the good news by sharing what we accomplished with Sinfonians you know. The more Brothers who come together in service this summer, the more we will accomplish at Lyrecrest!