Throughout the history of Sinfonia, alumni members have participated, and continue to do so, in a variety of ways. They have been active participants in chapter activities, served as advisors and mentors to chapters, as well as hold the highest offices in fraternity leadership. Groups of alumni work for the good of the order, as well as to fulfill the Fraternity’s Object. One of the most dominant and effect current structures of these groups is that of the Area Alumni Association, which has been in existence since 1996.

Alumni associations provide a vehicle for meeting and interacting with alumni in the local area who are from different chapters and different professions. For Sinfonians, there is a natural sense of camaraderie felt in the presence of other members, which is enhanced through these interactions. Being a part of an association allows for more direct access to resources provided by the national Fraternity, and an umbrella under which to conduct meetings and other events.

Within the broad parameters of alumni associations, there is no one template. The character and evolution of alumni associations will vary according to the ages and inclinations of its members, as well as the age of the association itself. All alumni associations are expected to have a minimum number of members, meet regularly, pay an annual administrative fee, and have both a love of Fraternity and of music. Alumni associations are important in creating support for local chapters, fulfilling the fraternal needs of alumni reconnecting alumni to the national Fraternity, and providing financial support to the Fraternity as well. Yet, each association will decide the form of the organization as well as the interests of the group.