Fraternity Leadership

The leadership ranks of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia include national and province representation. The Fraternity breaks the nation into geographic areas known as provinces and allocates chapters into the province to provide a geographical hierarchy of representation. There are currently 39 provinces containing over 250 active chapters, colonies, and alumni associations.

At the national level, the leadership is organized into an executive committee, national staff, appointed standing and special committees, and councils of volunteer regional representatives, whose purposes are defined either in the National Constitution and Bylaws or in their charge.

Standing Committees

Commission on Standards | Dates of Service: 2018-2021

The Commission on Standards (COS) is a standing committee devoted to the development and welfare of chapters and colonies. It establishes and reviews colony program requirements, approves colony applications, and monitors colony progress. The COS is the Fraternity’s disciplinary body.

To contact this committee, please write to:

    Matt Koperniak (non-voting, ex-officio NEC representative)

    Darrien Simmons –
    Nathan Schulte –
    Joshua Smialek –
    Erick Reid –
    Daniel Drake –

Special Committees

Awards Committee | Dates of Service: 2018-2021

To contact this committee, please write to:



    Jyron Joseph
    Karl Paulnack
    Jule Streety