National Executive Committee

Dates of Service: 2015-2018

To contact this committee, please write to:

Mark R. Lichtenberg

K. Dean Shatley II

Matthew R. Koperniak

John M. Israel

E. Grant Haver

Benjamin E. Hutchison

National Bylaws, Title I National

Article IV. National Executive Committee

Section 1. Powers and duties of the NEC.

The NEC oversees the affairs of the national Fraternity. It appoints a National Secretary-Treasurer and Assistant National Secretary-Treasurer and ratifies appointments of the National President. It may appoint other officers as necessary. It may appoint a staff member to supervise the national staff. It may, after 30 days notice and due hearing, remove from office any member of the NEC. It may appoint a substitute to fill an NEC vacancy, however created. It may authorize the creation of standing committees. It adopts an annual budget which includes national staff compensation and may authorize expenditures in excess of the budget. It may inspect financial records of the Fraternity, and it provides a competent auditor to examine the accounts of the National Secretary-Treasurer at least once every three years. It selects a company and amount to insure or bond the individual or individuals who carry out the duties of National Secretary-Treasurer, the expenses of the insurance or bond to be paid from the national treasury. It determines insurance fees and alumni association charter fees. It determines what business appears on the official docket for consideration by the National Assembly or National Council. It is the Fraternity’s appellate body and notifies all parties involved in writing of its decision within twenty days of hearing any appeal. It may confer collegiate membership and holds the exclusive power to confer national honorary membership. It determines the benefits of honorary members.