Location Information Form

The purpose of this form is to compile information on prospective Mills Music Mission (MMM) locations around the country in order to help aid the Fraternity's members in scheduling and planning highly effective and meaningful MMMs that support the Fraternity's Object and honor the tradition set forth by the Fraternity's founder, Ossian Everett Mills.
  • The Mills Music Mission

  • The Mills Music Mission has been Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity’s national philanthropy since 1998. During these missions, the Fraternity’s members go out to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, among other places, and spread the gifts of music and brotherhood by singing, playing musical instruments, talking to and connecting with residents, and giving out small gifts. The Mills Music Mission is the perfect vehicle to bring the Fraternity’s cause to life, to share and uplift others with the power of music and nurture brotherhood among all people.

    The mission’s inception goes back to the Fraternity’s founder, Ossian Everett Mills. Brother Mills, starting in the 1880s in Boston, brought his fellow friends to hospitals and nursing homes each Easter and Christmas to perform music, recite poetry, and offering other arts in addition to handing out flowers, coining the act of service, “Flower Missions.” Brother Mills devoted significant amounts of his time to uplifting the souls of the less fortunate with the beauty and power of music. Today, the Fraternity continues the tradition of Father Mills by putting on Mills Music Missions around the country that affect thousands of people every year.

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  • Fraternity Member Information

  • List the information of the member who requested/is submitting information, if known.

  • Location Information

  • List the location’s general information.

  • Location's Primary Contact

  • List the location’s primary contact, typically the Activities Director or equivalent position (i.e. Event Coordinator, Volunteer Services, Outreach Coordinator, Music Director).

  • Questionnaire

  • Fill out the following questionnaire as thoroughly as possible.

  • Stages, dining rooms, rotundas, hallways, residents and/or patients' rooms, etc. are suitable.
  • By submitting this form, the location contact (on behalf of the organization/staff) and requester understand and agree to the following:

    The information submitted in this form will be recorded in the National Fraternity's database and records, shared with the location contact and requester via notification email, and used solely by the Fraternity's members to help execute Mills Music Missions.

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