Publication Submissions

Send all submissions to unless otherwise specified.

Chapter & Alumni Association Updates

We make an email appeal once a semester for these, for inclusion in the Red & Black newsletter and Sinfonian magazine. In them, we ask for any activities or events of the chapter/association that have taken place in the previous half year.

The word limit for these submissions is 250 words, and high-quality pictures are encouraged. A more detailed request for these submissions is sent to chapter Historians and Secretaries before each semester’s publication cycle, as well as to PGs who might want to follow up with chapters on this.

Alumni Updates

These are printed in the Alumni Accent section of the Sinfonian magazine. They usually outline awards or career accomplishments of members. You may submit updates for other brothers that you wish to see highlighted. Don’t be modest; let us know what you or other brothers are up to! There is no strict limit for these. Most are brief paragraphs, though longer submissions will be considered individually.


While we do regular inquiries and cleanup to our database, our database of deceased members, as well as the “Final Chord” section of the magazine, is somewhat dependent on members informing us of when a fellow brother has passed on. We try to include brief biographical notes on as many members as possible, so if you’d like to see this in print, please include an obituary or biography when submitting these notifications. Other relevant information would include the brother’s initiating chapter/year, and date of death.


We recently created the email to field stories and questions on music advocacy. Nearly every music educator, and many non-educators, has a story of music or arts advocacy in their schools and communities. We want to hear them and highlight them! Similarly, we are in regular contact with professional music advocates, who are happy to assist with your music advocacy questions. Please encourage brothers to use this as a resource.

Longer Submissions

Articles that go beyond the bounds of the previous categories are still accepted, but brothers are encouraged to email Lyrecrest before writing the article to discuss the nature, length, and possible publication outlet for the proposed piece. Many excellent articles have been come from outside the national headquarter or national leadership, including lead stories in the Sinfonian, and we hope that tradition continues.

Picture Requirements

.jpg or .tif files are best, though we can work with a variety of others if necessary (.png, .eps, etc.). For those with image editing experience, 300dpi or higher is ideal, as preference is given to the highest quality photos in any of our publications.