Risk Management Policies

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia prides itself on being a national leader in not only preventing and eradicating hazing within its chapters, but also in protecting the safety and well-being of its members by taking risk management to the next level by enforcing rules and codes of conduct that are designed to ensure the lowest possible risk for not only all members of Sinfonia, but indeed all people even remotely associated with the organization. For over a decade the Fraternity has implemented comprehensive measures that far surpassed simply identifying traditional hazing definitions, and identified other detrimental actions such as substance abuse and sexual misconduct that threaten the well-being of its members as prohibited, thereby opening the violator to be subject to disciplinary action. Today, each member of the Fraternity signs a pledge to certify that they will abide by the adopted Risk Management Policies of Phi Mu Alpha. These policies outline specific definitions and limits of actions that are associated with:


Any activity or situation that creates fear, mental distress, or undue apprehension in a member; harasses or degrades a member; or an activity which injures or threatens to injure a member’s physical or emotional well being; or any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal ritual or are considered a violation of the policies or regulations of a chapter’s educational institution, or state law.

Alcohol/Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances

No member may be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances at a Fraternity meeting, activity or ritual.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favor, suggestive reference to gender or sexual orientation, or other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature even under the guise of humor.

Sweethearts/Little Sisters

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia prohibits the formation and operation of sweetheart, little sister, or other auxiliary groups.

Risk Management Policies

Policy on Hazing

Phi Mu Alpha strictly prohibits members or chapters from hazing. Hazing is considered detrimental to our Object and destructive to the morals and characters of our members. Engaging in acts of hazing can lead to expulsion or suspension of the chapter and/or individual member.

Taking part in hazing activities may result in criminal prosecution and often results in civil litigation that easily can bankrupt individuals, cause the premature demise of otherwise successful chapters, and ultimately threaten the survival of the Fraternity itself. One senseless act can erase in seconds a tradition that has taken years to build, and no amount of money can replace a human life needlessly lost. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia expects each brother to hold the welfare of his fellow and future brothers as a personal responsibility of the highest order.A chapter or members should never place probationary members in a situation in which they know there is a risk of physical or mental harm to a probationary member.

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Policy on Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, and Controlled Substances

The Risk Management Policy of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity for alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances includes the following provisions and shall apply to all Fraternity entities and all levels of Fraternity membership. The faculty advisor, chapter officers, and committee chairs shall be familiar with all university regulations, inter-fraternity council rules and Fraternity policies concerning alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and controlled substances. No member may be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances at a Fraternity meeting, activity or ritual.

Alcohol abuse is a serious concern. Do you know someone with a problem? Do you think you have a problem? We invite you to take advantage of the resource provided below

Alcohol Abuse Self Test
Policy on Sexual Misconduct

What is Sexual Misconduct?

Phi Mu Alpha takes claims of sexual abuse or harassment very seriously. The Fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexually abusive behavior or sexual misconduct from its members, whether physical, mental, or emotional. This includes any actions which are demeaning to men or women, any individual person or group of persons, whether member(s) or non-member(s), and identifies both physical and verbal misconduct guidelines.

Policy on Sweethearts, Little Sisters, and Auxiliary Groups

While chapters of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia are entitled to bestow the honor of the title of “Sinfonian Sweetheart” on one individual, it is vital to both the integrity and safety of the organization to actively discourage the formation of self-identified affiliated organizations and groups.

Any member or chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia found to be in violation of any of the established Policies on Risk Management will be subject to disciplinary review and action as set forth in the following protocols.

Protocol for Chapter Review

Protocol for Member Review

Report a Violation