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Share your Sinfonia Testimonial this Founder's Day!

116 years ago, we came alive. It's been a roller coaster since, but Sinfonia stands tall today, and is closer than ever to our hearts and louder than ever in our voices. Today is a celebration and remembrance of the beginning - both the person and the idea. Tomorrow, we begin another year inspired by those who came before us, and continue pushing ourselves and our Object on and ever upward.

Ben Luttrull

“The genial countenance of Mr. O. E. Mills, the head accountant of the Conservatory, and the ever readiness and pleasure with which he seems to attend to the large number of inquiries of those seeking to obtain information, bespeaks volumes, not only in the way of an accomplished accountant, but also as a thorough bred gentleman.”

Boston Daily Globe

I am writing today to wish everyone a fantastic Founder's Day.  A few brothers have posted quotes from Brother Mills' "Men of the Highest Type" writing.  Most tend to focus on the end which is a fantastic piece of writing and I would urge you to put it to memory.  However, there is a strong point that we miss in the very beginning of the writing.  Mills says "The future possibilities of our beloved fraternity will depend, I believe, entirely upon the individual membership".  Today is a day of revelry and remembrance but I urge you to wake up tomorrow with the same zeal.  The hard work of Sinfonia lies before us.  I hope that you may be recharged to go out and change the world.  Take Sinfonia to new places, proceed until apprehended, make the Fraternity better than it is today.  Take on the spirit of our founders and make your mark on America.  I will be reaching out to chapter presidents soon for a check in to see the great work you are doing and see how I can help you in your endeavors to fulfill The Object.  As National Convention draws near, I want to hear your thoughts about how we can continue to push forward nationally.  I miss all of you dearly and I hope to see you at SLAM.

E. Grant Haver

"Sinfonia stands for harmony, advancement of music in America, loyalty to our several institutions, but above all for brotherhood. Inspired by our progress in the past, by our present enviable position and reputation, by the brilliant outlook for the future, let us with whole-hearted devotion contribute our best efforts during the coming year toward the advancement of our beloved Fraternity to the end that we may ever be able to say, even now, 'it is good to be a Sinfonian.'"

George C. Williams

“In April 1900, a business appointment called me to Boston. While there I saw my good friend of many years, Ossian E. Mills, treasurer of the New England Conservatory of Music. As I was about to leave him he said, “Wait! I wish to show you something in which I know you’ll be interested.” He then led me to a large basement room in the building, in which there were gathered about a dozen young men, reading, playing games and conversing together. “What is this?” I inquired. “We call it the Sinfonia Club,” he replied. “This is the second year of this club; and it is already playing an important part in the social life of this Conservatory.” “That’s a wonderful idea,” I replied, “and every school of music in our country should form such a club for its male students.” “That is what I wanted to talk to you about,” he said, “for we are now considering the advisability of developing this Club into a National Musical Fraternity.” Then and there, we sat down in that Sinfonia Club room and definitely planned to hold a convention there in Boston the following Spring under the auspices of this Sinfonia Club, to which we would invite representatives of several prominent Schools of Music, for the purpose of forming a National Musical Fraternity.”

George C. Williams

Of all our clubs there is none tonier
Than that one which they call Sinfonia.
It ne’er can suffer any ills
While guided on by Mr. Mills.

Louis C. Elson

"The Sinfonia, like all momentous movements, is the product of a personality. Its component elements are young men. Who gathered up these parts, bound them together, and kept them bound? Whose zeal and executive ability have determined in large measure the steady growth, the material success and the moral tone of the organization? To the one who has done these things the Sinfonia at this time desires to express its abundant appreciation. He has had no small work to perform, no light burden to bear, and for his interest in the society, and his labors with it and for it, the Sinfonians are deeply grateful, and on this evening it has pleased them to make known to all present their feeling of gratitude."

"Mr. Mills, there is in this little box a jewelled, insignia pin, on the reverse side of which is a suitable inscription. Its intrinsic value you are not to consider. It represents, not dollars and cents, but rather as generous and hearty an expression of willingness to give on the part of the boys as any similar enterprise has ever evidenced. We trust that it will help you to remember us as appreciators of your faithfulness, as your true friends, and as your fellow Sinfonians. Mr. Mills, as President of the Sinfonia Club and in behalf of it, it gives me great pleasure to place in your hands this token of our esteem for you."

Percy Burrell

“Our very genesis was not really a beginning after all, but indeed the product of a personality-Father Mills.”

Percy Jewett Burrell

“Father Mills, affectionately so-called, was the father and founder of Sinfonia and all that it stands for. His name should ever be remembered and Founders Day should be revered and observed once a year in all Chapters. Ossian E. Mills, a Christian man, a gentleman, an expert in his particular line of work, a lover of the young student away from home, amid treacherous surroundings perhaps, worked hard to found an organization which would live forever to keep up to those ideals which he promulgated. I am sure were he here today he would not be ashamed of the Fraternity which he thus founded in 1898.”

Ralph Howard Pendleton

It is with great pleasure that I wish each of you a Happy Founder's Day. Today is not merely a day to remember our forefathers, but a day to rejoice in the glory of Sinfonia. As laid out in the Founder's Day Ceremony, we look to the past, present, and future of our order in an effort to better understand ourselves, our fraternity, and our world. Let the celebrations of today remind us once more of the noble object of this Fraternity, and may our Fraternity be nearer and dearer to us today than ever before.

Wesley Babcock