Fraternity Governance

National Officers

Dates of Service: 2018-2021

National President:
Mark R. Lichtenberg – Delta Nu (Bradley University) 1993

National Vice President :

David E. Fidler II – Delta Lambda (Ball State University) 1995

Historian :
John A. Mongiovi – Upsilon Psi (University of South Florida) 1994

Executive Committeemen:
Dr. Matthew R. Koperniak – Epsilon Lambda (University of Georgia) 1999
Dr. Karl Paulnack – Alpha Alpha (National Honorary) 2011
Jule J. Streety – Alpha Upsilon (University of Arizona) 2013
Jyron A. Joseph – Nu Eta (University of Texas at San Antonio) 2013

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Fraternity of America

Founded: 1898

Standing Committees

Commission on Standards | Dates of Service: 2018-2021

The Commission on Standards (COS) is a standing committee devoted to the development and welfare of chapters and colonies. It establishes and reviews colony program requirements, approves colony applications, and monitors colony progress. The COS is the Fraternity’s disciplinary body.

To contact this committee, please write to:

Darrien Simmons –
Nathan Schulte –
Erick Reid –
Daniel Drake –

Special Committees

Awards Committee | Dates of Service: 2018-2021

To contact this committee, please write to: